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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Volunteer Fireman's Hall and Museum of Kingston

What: Volunteer Fireman's Hall and Museum of Kingston

Where: 265 Fair Street
             Kingston, NY

 Who: All ages


Me - Volunteer Fireman's Hall and Museum of Kingston was fascinating. Even though the museum was pretty small, they had a lot more stuff there than I thought they would. There was an old fire call box. One of the men there demonstrated it for us. We saw it how it worked, and heard the sound, and he explained to us how it would tell them where the fire was. There were a lot of different fire hats. There were old fashioned fire trucks including ones that would be pulled by horses. There was a big bell. There were plaques that would be on the front of the firetruck. There were a lot of pictures. There was a timeline of the history of the firehouse There was a fire pole. I never really saw a real fire pole before. There was a lot more too. It didn't take us long to go through the museum, but if you really wanted to look carefully at every item, it might take longer. Almost everyone would like this museum because it's interesting,  and there are so many different things almost anyone is sure to find something they like here.

Mom - Volunteer Fireman's Hall and Museum of Kingston is located in an old firehouse. Although the museum does not seem very big,  it is jampacked with interesting pictures and artifacts. Quite a nice mix of general and local firefighting history is represented in the museum. Items related to firefighting in general include several old fire trucks, a collection of toy fire trucks and different types of fire alarm boxes. Items related to the history of firefighting in the local area specifically include pictures and articles about fires that occured  in or around the town and pictures of former firefighters who were stationed at the firehouse. The articles are quite detailed but not in a morbid way.  It is quite fascinating to learn about what it life is like in a small firehouse and the kinds of things firefighters have to deal with on a day to day basis. The Museum is stafffed completely by volunteers who are quite friendly and informative. There is no fee for entry, but donations are encouraged to keep the museum going. Dates and times when the museum is open vary throughtout the year so if you are interested in going check the web-site first.


And that's our view.

For more information, visit https://kingstonvolunteerfiremensmuseum.weebly.com.

Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.

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