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Monday, January 31, 2011

Parties Then and Now

Me- When   I   was   little  parties    were    going    out    having    cake   and   giving   goody  bags.Now  it  is  staying   home  and  doing   something   small .Even   now   I  like  parties  but  they  were  better  when  I  was   young!

 Mom - When I was a kid, you could invite people over for a pizza party and just have  pizza and cake that was a party. If you wanted entertainment, you played pin the tail on the donkey or musical chairs or something like that. You didn't hire entertainment. When I was a little older, you might actually have a party outside of your house, but still nothing fancy; like maybe a swim party or a roller skating party or something. They did not have places whose only purpose was to put on  kids birthday parties. When my kids were little, birthday parties got so fancy. You couldn't just serve a meal and that was the party. You were expected to serve a meal and provide entertainment. even if the party was just at home and most parties were not at home.  I even knew people who spend over 500 on a 2 or 3 year olds birthday party, and I went to Bar and Bat Mitzvah's that were as fancy and formal as a wedding. That is just a little crazy. Nowadays, things seems to be moving away from that. More people are having home parties. More people are providing their own entertainment at parties like karaoke, makeovers, or dvd watching. I am sure this trend back to simpler birthday parties is because of the economy, but I think it is a good thing.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Me- Today  we  are   talking   about   snow. To    me,  snow  is  a  pain. I  mean   when   you    don't    have  to  walk   through    it  every  day  it's  fine,   but  I  do. Because   of    that,    I  usually    get   to   class   every   day    with   a  bunch   of   snow   in   my   shoes. Lately  when  it  snows,   even  if  I   wanted  to   go    out    and   play   in  the  snow   it   is  either  too    deep  or   too   shallow. Most  kids   always   want   to    go  out   and   play    in  the   snow   or   they  love   to  make   money   by   shoveling. I  mean  face   it   kids   love   snow, but   me  I  hate  it!   All  it  is  to   me   is   an   INCONVENIENCE!

 Mom - Snow is a four letter word, and I mean that in the worst sense of the phrase. Oh, it's fun when you are young and snow means a day off from school, snow men and snow forts. However, when you actually have to get around in it, the thrill is gone. It is just a cold, wet, icy and sometimes dangerous nuisance especially when you have to drive around in it. Someone once told me "what is the big deal about driving around in the snow? The worse thing that can happen is you get into an accident." Well, sure if accident meant nothing more than fender bender that would be fine, but people are seriously injured or killed in car accidents every day. So, when there  is snow on the road, don't expect to see me behind the wheel of my car.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Golden Globes 2011

Me - Today we are going to talk about the Golden Globes. To me, I watch the Golden Globes for two reasons. Number one - fashion. I don't want to bore you saying stuff my mom says because that is what she will be talking about. I'll be taking about the other reason. I also watch to root for people I like. If there isn't someone I like or if there isn't someone I have heard of at the moment, I guess who I think will win. This particular time, I couldn't decide whether I should root for "Glee" or "The Big Bang Theory". At the last minute, I decided, "Glee" and guess what it won. Even though, I felt bad for "The Big Bang Theory", I was glad that one of my favorite shows got an award!

Mom - For me, the Golden Globes as most other award shows is mostly about the fashion. I don't care who is wearing what designer because let's face it how many of us can afford those designer clothes anyway. It is about what looks good to me. Do I like the color of the dress, do I like the style of the dress, do I like the shoes, do I like the hair, do I like the jewelry etc. Melia and I pick apart every aspect of every outfit. It's not just awards shows either. We do the same thing with magazines even if the magazine is not actually a fashion magazine -People Magazine is a favorite of ours. Sometimes, we even do the same thing with shows that aren't even award shows. When watching "Dancing With the Stars", for instance, in some ways we are tougher than the judges. We do not just judge which couple dances well. We decide whether we like the outfits, shoes, hair, and music too as well as whether or not we like the dance they are doing regardless of whether the dance is performed well or  not.

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