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Friday, September 22, 2017

Funtivity Friday - Alien Puppets

Here is a fun way to make an alien puppet.

What You Will Need

An egg carton
Colored paper
Paper clips

What to Do

1) Cut out four squares of an egg carton. Do not cut them apart. Just cut them all out together. 

2) Poke a hole for the nose in the center with a pen or pencil.

2) Color in the two of the circles on the bottom of the egg cartoon for eyes with colored markers.

3) Cut out a mouth with colored paper.  

4) Glue the mouth to the two circles on the egg carton that are not colored in. If you prefer and you want a smaller mouth you can glue it beneath the nose.

5) Cut out yarn for hair.

6) Attach hair to top of puppets head. To make it secure stick it through the top of the head and then clip it back. 


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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Theater Thursday - Loveless Texas and For Peter Pan on Her 70th Birthday

We were given free tickets to Loveless Texas for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are own.
What: Loveless Texas

Where:The Sheen Center
           18 Bleeker Street
            New York, NY

Who: Teens and Up

When: Now through September 25, 2017
Me - Loveless Texas was  a good show. It was about two brothers. Their names were Berowne and King. King was running the family ranch while Berowne was off getting into trouble. Then, King made his brother come back home and work on the ranch. The show was very interesting. There was a lot of romance in it. I didn't care about that part because I am not really into romance. However, anyone who does like romance would really enjoy the show.  The songs were nice. The acting was good. The singing was good too. My favorite thing about the show was the music. The style of the songs was different than most shows I have seen previously. They were more country western. I liked it though. I don't really remember specific songs now, but I enjoyed them and I wouldn't mind listening to them again. The dancing  was nice too. Over all, it was a good show, and I would recommend it. 
Mom - Loveless Texas is a Western musical loosely based on Shakespeare's Love's Labour Lost. If you love romance, there is plenty of that in this story of two brothers and their friends and neighbors and the brothers oil and cattle ranch. The plot involves no less than six couples although not all of their story lines are equally important to the plot. The show is also full of songs. The songs are very pretty, but there does seems to be an awful lot of them and some of them do seem rather long. It seems like every character has at least one solo and/or duet not to mention the group numbers. The story is entertaining and well acted. The singing voices are nice. The set and costumes really bring to mind the old West. This is not a show for very young children due to certain plot elements. They would probably be bored anyway. However, it is fine for older children, and teenage girls who love romance would probably particularly enjoy it. If you are interested in seeing this fun show, don't hesitate. The show's limited run will end on September 25, 2017.
For more information or to purchase tickets visit www.boomerangtheatre.org.
We were given free tickets to For Peter Pan on Her 70th Birthday for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.
What: For Peter Pan on Her 70th Birthday

Where: Playwright's Horizon
             416 W. 42nd St
             New York, NY

Who: Teens and Up

When: Now through October 2, 2017

Me - For Peter Pan on Her 70th Birthday was unique. It was about a group of grownup brothers and sisters whose father was dying and then he died. They were thinking about what its like to get older. In the second part, they were Peter Pan characters who didn't want to get older. My favorite part of the show was the dog. The dog was the family's pet from a long time ago and was played by a real dog. The dog was cute. The acting  in the show was good. The set was nice. It looked like a real house. The Peter Pan costumes were cool! It was strange to see adults as Peter Pan characters. That part of the show reminded me of Finding Neverland when they were performing Peter Pan. All in all, it was good show.
Mom - For Peter Pan On Her 70th Birthday is like two shows in one. The first part is about a family dealing with the death of their father and because of it their own aging as well. The second part is about not wanting to grow up. In this part, the characters are portrayed as grownup versions of the beloved Peter Pan characters. Since the main character of the show, Ann, actually portrayed Peter Pan in her youth, trying to recapture her youth dressed as Peter Pan has a double meaning for her. Although the show was a little slow at times particularly in the first part,  the premise was unique and interesting. The acting was really great. Kathleen Chalfant was particularly believable as the main character of Ann so much show that at the beginning of the show when she made a speech in front of the curtain, it took me several minutes to realize that the show had actually started and she was not just some backstage person making a pre-show speech. Despite, it's Peter Pan references this is not a show for kids and even teenagers with their limited grasp on their own mortality might not enjoy it because they could not relate to it. However, anyone older and more aware of time passing and how quickly life goes by should definitely be able to relate to this show. The show will be running through October 1 only.
And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Funivity Friday.

Photo credits: All Loveless Texas production photos by Yadin Photography
                       All For Peter Pan on Her 70th Birthday production photos by Joan Marcus

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Where-To-Go Wednesday -The Museum of the Moving Image

We were given free tickets to the Museum of the Moving Image for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.
What: The Museum of the Moving Image

Where: 3601 35th Ave.
             Astoria, NY

Who: All ages
Me - The Museum of The Moving Image was Interesting. The museum has exhibits related to TV and movies. The museum is located next to the Kaufman Astoria studios, Sesame Street among other thing is filmed there. At the museum there were lots of different exhibits. There was one exhibit called Behind the Screen. This exhibit had things related to movies and TV like costumes including Mrs. Doubtfire's dress. They had all different kinds of movie cameras, and radios and TVs. You could learn a lot about the history of making movies and TV. Also, there was a lot of clips of different movies and TV shows from different periods of time throughout the museum that you could watch including some of Thomas Edison's films. They had cases with objects related to a lot of TV shows and movies including a Partridge Family lunch box my Mom had when she was little. They also had dolls like Pebbles Flinstone, and Linda from Make Room for Daddy. They also had coloring books, games and toys among other things. There were some fun interactive stations. You could add sound effects to a movie scene. You could dub lines in a movie There were also other fun things to do. Over all, the Museum of The Moving Image was fun.

Mom - If you love, movies and/or TV you will love the Museum of the Moving Image. There are movie and TV artifacts like dolls and coloring books and games and more related to various TV shows and/or movies. There are  a large selection of TVs from throughout history, and a large selection of cameras from throughout history and a large selection of radios from throughout history and more. There are costumes. There are celebrity photos. They are celebrity magazines. There are clips of various TV shows and movies to watch throughout the museum. There are interactive exhibits where you can do things like dub lines in a movie, pick out music for a movie scene, and pick out sound effects for a movie. The newest addition to the museum's permanent collection is the recently opened Jim Henson exhibit. That exhibit is so comprehensive that talking about it can take up a whole post on its own. Accordingly, we will talk about it in detail in this week's Saturday Special post. The museum also hosts many different movie showings and events. It truly is a great museum for all even the youngest kids. While most museums don't really have anything to hold young children's attention, at the Museum of the Moving Image even they will find things they will love. Just about anyone will truly enjoy this fun museum.

For more about the Museum of the Moving Image visit www.movingimage.us

For more about upcoming screenings and events at the Museum of the Moving Image visit www.movingimage.us/programs.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tips for Tuesday - Misc. Sticker Beans and Ungrip

We may have been given some of the below mentioned products for free for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

Me- Today I am recommending Stickers Beans. Sticker Beans are sparkly stickers.  They come in all different shapes and sizes. You can use them to decorate anything including phones, computers,
notebooks, lunch boxes, headphones and more. You can even just collect them if you want. They are a lot of fun.

For more about Sticker Beans visit stickerbeans.com.

Mom - Today I am recommending Ungrip. Ungrip is a grip that you attach to your phone. It makes it easier to hold your phone without having to clutch it tightly. Ungrip is small and lightweight and comfortable to use.There are so many different ways you can hold your phone with Ungrip. It is compatible with most phones and comes in a variety of colors.
For more about Ungrip visit ungripyourphone.com,

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Where-To-Go Wednesday.

Monday, September 18, 2017


Me - Moving, maybe wow maybe not wow! I have only lived in two places in my life. When I was 9 months old, we moved. I don't really remember it that much. I remember that we had no garage in our old house and my brother's bike was in our dining room. He was 9 when we moved. Now, we are moving again. I am kind of torn about the whole thing. Some of the good things about moving are all if I put all my things in boxes and take them out again in the new place, I can keep them neater and start over as a neater and more organized person. Of course, hopefully, I wouldn't be a neat freak. If I started at a new school, I could build myself a completely new personality. For some reason I have always wanted to live in an apartment.  I would also get to complete redecorate my room. There are also bad things about moving. It will takes months to put everything in to place at our new house. We already know everything fits perfectly in the house we live in now, but don't know if it will fit in our new house. I'd have to start a new school where I don't know anybody. I would have to make all new friends. We have to get rid of things make sure everything fits in the new house because we won't have a basement to store things. So pretty much I don't really know what to think about moving right now.

Mom - I have moved a number of times in my life. When I was six months, we moved from the West Coast back to the East Coast to be near my parents' families. That didn't really affect me because I was so young. When I was 4, we moved again. I didn't have to do the actual moving, and I was too young to be that attached to my friends. When I was 11, we moved again. I still didn't have to do any of the actual moving, but I was old enough to miss my friends. In college, every year I moved in to the dorm and out of the dorm at the beginning and end of the year. This time I had to do the actual moving myself although I always had help, but the move was only temporary, and I didn't have to move all my stuff. My husband and I have moved several times since we have been together although not in over ten years. Now, that I am older moving is a hassle. I hate packing and unpacking. I hate how long it takes to get settled in a new place and get everything exactly the way you want it. I hate leaving everything that is familiar. I have never lived any place that was such a paradise that no place on earth could possibly compare. However, even if you hate where you are living and can't wait to move, you don't know if the place that you are moving to will be any better than the place you left until you are living there. If you don't like the new place, you can always move again, but that is just a bigger hassle. It would be nice if you could have a crystal ball that would tell you the best place for you to live so you could go live there. However, since that is not an option, I prefer to just stay where I am and only move when it is absolutely necessary.

And that's our view. How many times have you moved in your life?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

photo credit: Travis Estell Big John Movers via photopin (license)