I started this blog with one daughter, kept it up with the other, to spend time together doing something we enjoyed.
However, things change and people evolve. My daughters are older, busier, and not as interested in writing.
From now on this blog will be mostly mom with occasional contributions from my daughters and maybe even my husband.
Nothing else will change. We'll still focus on sharing fun places to go, fun things to do, and more, and we would  still love to hear your views too

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Where-To-Go Wednesday - The Bardy Bunch

We were not financially compensated for this post. We were given tickets to The Bardy Bunch for review purposes. The opinions expressed here are our own based on our experience attending the show.

What: The Bardy Bunch

Where: Check the web-site for locations and dates

Who: Ages 10 and above

Our view: If you were raised on The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family or even reruns of The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family, you will love this show. The show is a spoof of Shakespeare using the Bradys and the Partridges. It is mainly a spoof of Romeo and Juliet with a little bit of Hamlet and Macbeth thrown in. References to one or two other Shakespearean works may be thrown in as well. Even if you are not entirely familiar with the works of Shakespeare, that will not take away from your enjoyment of the show. Despite its ties to the previously named Shakespearean dramas, the show is actually a musical comedy. The music adds to the nostalgic feel of the whole show as all the musical numbers are songs which were previously sung on either The Brady Bunch or The Partridge Family. The songs, however, are used in quite different ways than they were in the original shows.  In fact, these Bradys and Partridges are quite different than the families you remember. In this version, Mrs. Brady wants Mr. Brady to eliminate his boss, Mr. Phillips in order to take his job, Shirley Partridge is married to the family's manager, Ruben Kincaid, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. However, the show is really very fun and entertaining. We would not recommend the show for very young children because of adult themes and simulated violence. Despite that, it is actually a very funny show, and we would highly recommend it especially for anyone who either grew up in or has a great love for the 1970s. For more about  the show go to http://thebardybunch.com/ .

And that's our view. Tune in for tomorrow's Talking Topic post where we will be talking more about The Bardy Bunch.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tips for Tuesday - Apps. and Web-Sites: YouTube and Jersey 101.5 Prize Club

Me -Today I am recommending YouTube. On YouTube, you can find all kinds of cool videos that you can't find anywhere else. You can also watch funny parts from episodes of TV shows you like or watch full episodes of TV shows you like. You can listen to music videos or find the words to songs and do karaoke. You can even upload videos of yourself or of anything. YouTube is awesome.

Mom - Today I am recommending Jersey 101.5 Prize Club. Jersey 101.5 prize club is associated with radio station New Jersey 101.5 and can be found on their web-site. As a member of the New Jersey 101.5 Prize Club, you can answer trivia questions or participate in other activities to earn points. You can then use your points to enter contests to win prizes. Many of the prizes are local to the Tri-State area, such as, tickets to concerts or passes to Six Flags Great Adventure. However, there are some prizes that are not specific to that area, such as, gift cards, headphones, and/or a GPS. For more information or to sign up go to http://nj1015.com/vip/get-points/.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Where-To-Go Wednesday.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Monthly Mash-up for April, 2014: Easter Party and The Scary World We Live In

Me- My topic for today is the Easter party I went to this year. I don't usually go to Easter parties because we don't celebrate Easter. This year I went to one at my cousins' with my grandparents and my sister. I played with two of my favorite younger cousins. They are so cute! My sister was playing with our other cousins. A bunch of us went on a boat ride with my cousins' Dad. They have a lake behind their house. It was really fun! One of my little cousins sat on my lap. We went to a little beach/playground. I played on the slide with my little cousin. She went down the slide, and I would catch her. Then, I pushed her on the tire swing. After, we went on the tire swing together. I had a really fun day.

Mom-  My topic for today is this scary world we live in. As the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing recently passed, I am reminded once again what a scary world we live in. You can't let your kids out of your sight. You have to take your shoes off to board an airplane. I can't even go to my daughter's school without first signing in on-line and printing out a pass. What kind of world are our children growing up in? It scares me every day. I mean if this is what the world is like now what is it going to be like in the future? We went from a world where people didn't even lock their doors to a world where everyone locked their doors to a world where people are afraid to go out of their doors and with good reason. However, despite all this most of us do keep on going out and we do keep on living our lives and we do keep on doing what we want to do taking reasonable precautions. If we didn't, then evil would win, and we can't let that happen. I still would like to believe that there is more good in the world than bad, but sometimes it is hard to believe.

And that's our view. What on your mind?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Funny Friday - Pretending

Me -

My sister has a jump rope which she pretends is her pet snake, Slither.

Mom -

When all of my kids were little, they loved to pretend they were doing homework. They loved homework until they were old enough to actually have homework at which point they no longer liked homework at all.

We welcome you to share your funny stories with us. Tune in Monday for another Talking Topic.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Madame Tussauds New York

 We were not financially compensated for this post. We were given tickets to Madame Tussauds New York for review purposes. The opinions expressed here are our own based on our experience visiting the museum.

 Me - Madame Tussauds, wow! It was really fun. There are so many different kinds of wax figures. Some of them look real; and some of them don't. In the room where you came in there was a fountain. It was really pretty. All around the fountain were the wax figures of movie stars.  There was a room with singers like Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift didn't look real. Carrie Underwood did. I really liked the figures of Carrie Underwood and the Beatles. There was a room with sports figures like David Wright, Derek Jeter, and Serena Williams. In another room, there were political people including some Presidents and their wives and William and Kate. There was a room with New York icons like the Statute of Liberty, and a Rockette. They even had a statute of Madame Tussaud herself. She was really small. I didn't like the 4D Superhero movie because I had a bad headache. Otherwise, I probably would have liked it. Madame Tussauds was super fun, and if you have the chance you should totally go there.

Mom - I have always liked wax museums. The best one I have ever been to is Madame Tussauds. I  have been to Madame Tussauds in London and New York. I went to the one in New York several times. It really changed a lot from the first time I went there to the most recent. I like that about it. I also like that as you walk around there are plaques near each figure to tell you who the person is. There are also plaques that provide more information about the wax figures in general like how they are made. Unfortunately, it takes much too long and the museum is generally much too crowded to have time to stop and read each plaque. The information on them is very interesting, however, and I would have liked to have had time to read them all. Over ten years passed between my first visit to Madame Tussauds and my most recent one. In that time, the museum has changed a lot. It would be interesting to go every few years or so and see how much things change in that time. The changes in the museum are reflective of the changes that have taken place in the world during the same period of time. Some people who may have been really famous at one time have faded from view while others have become famous. Life goes on and on and the world keeps changing and Madame Tussauds changes right along with it. They only thing that doesn't change is that it remains the most famous wax museum in the world.

And that's our view. Who would you most wanted to see represented in wax at a Madame Tussaud's location?

 Tune in tomorrow for Funny Friday.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Madame Tussauds New York

We were not financially compensated for this post. We were given tickets to the Madame Tussauds New York for review purposes. The opinions expressed here are our own based on our experience visiting the museum.

What: Madame Tussauds New York

Where: 234 West 42nd Street
            New York, New York

Who: 5 and up

Our view: The nice thing about Madame Tussauds is that their wax exhibits are always growing and changing. Therefore, just because you've been there once doesn't mean you shouldn't go again. They also vary from location to location so if you been to Madame Tussauds in New York, for example, that doesn't mean you shouldn't go to the one in London or somewhere else if you have the opportunity. The figures at the museum are so lifelike and include a good mix of past and current famous figures. The museum is divided into sections. You can go through the museum at your own pace and spent as much or as little time at each section as you want.  In the New York Museum, the sections include the following : Opening Party which features movie actors and actresses. Spirit of New York which features New York icons including groups of people like the Rockettes, specific people like Matt Lauer, and places like the Statute of Liberty. The Gallery which features Presidents (although not all the Presidents) and other famous people like Will and Kate, and Helen Keller. Those are just a few of the 10 or so sections of the museum. There are also athletes, singers and superheros among others. There is pretty much something to appeal to just about everyone. There is even a wax figure of Madame Tussaud herself (which is pictured above). There is also a 4D superhero movie that young boys and any other superhero fan will love. If you go to the museum, be aware, that there is a lot of music playing throughout the museum so I wouldn't bring anyone who doesn't like loud noise or a baby that you expect to sleep through the museum. Also, be prepared to do a lot of walking and be advised that large crowds may make maneuvering a stroller through the museum difficult. However, anyone who is old enough and healthy enough to walk it will really enjoy themselves.  It is definitely the next best thing to a live citing of any of the people represented at the museum. It actually may be even better since you can get closer here than you probably would be able to get to the actual people. For more information, about Madame Tussauds in general  go to
http://www.madametussauds.com/. For more information about Madame Tussauds in New York specifically go to http://www.madametussauds.com/NewYork/ and/or read our previous Where-To-Go Wednesday post regarding Madame Tussauds at http://saysmesaysmom.blogspot.com/2012/10/where-to-go-wednesday-madame-tussauds.html.

And that's our view. We will also be discussing more about Madame Tussauds New York in tomorrow's Talking Topic post.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tips for Tuesday- Misc.: Leggings and Sunday Sales

Me - Today I am recommending leggings. I love leggings. They are soft and comfortable. They are also easy to move around in.  There are a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns of leggings. Not all leggings are super skinny tight leggings. I don't like that I kind I wear more loose fitting leggings. I absolutely hate jeans. I never wear jeans.I only wear leggings.

Mom - I was given three pairs of earrings for review. The opinions expressed here are my own.
Today I am recommending SundaySales. Sunday Sales is an Etsy shop that you will want to check out if you are a sports fan or if you know someone who is a sports fan. She makes beautiful earrings which are replicas of football, baseball, hockey, and/or basketball jerseys. She also makes some other earrings, such as, Yellow Submarine earrings. Prices run about $8 a pair or you can get a set of 4 for $30.00. These earrings make great gifts for all jewelry loving sports fans or anyone who takes dressing up in their favorite team's colors really seriously. For more information or to place an order go to SundaySales

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Where-To-Go Wednesday.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Raising Hope

 Me - Raising Hope, wow! Raising Hope was one of my favorite shows. I am sad that it ended. Why do they keep ending all my favorite shows? Hope was so cute! I wished that they had used her as more than a prop. She hardly did anything until the last couple episodes and by then it was ending. I think that they should have wrapped up things more in the last episode. It just ended with everybody dancing at a wedding. On the last episode, they had Kenny Loggins singing Danny's Song which since than has become my second favorite song after Let It Go. In the show, the characters of Burt and Virginia had a baby when they were teenagers, and yet they loved each other so much. They stayed together and were happy together and supported each other. They hardly ever even fought. However, they were not always so nice to their son, Jimmy. Jimmy got a serial killer pregnant when he was a teenager, and that's how he ended up with Hope. The show starts with Jimmy getting custody of Hope. The whole show Jimmy is in love with a girl that he works with, Sabrina. At first, she had a boyfriend named Wyatt. Later, she does end up getting married but not to Wyatt. Maw Maw, Virginia's grandmother is really funny. She is always getting confused about everything. Sabrina's cousin, Shelly was really funny too. She was Hope's daycare teacher. She sang funny songs she made up. One of my favorite episodes of the show was called Bro-Gurt, Raising Hope Season 2 [HD]. It was a spoof of The Wizard of Oz. It was really funny. The whole show was really funny. I will miss it.

Mom - Recently two of my favorite shows ended. One of them was How I Met Your Mother for more about that go to http://saysmesaysmom.blogspot.com/2014/04/how-i-met-your-mother.html. The other was Raising Hope. Raising Hope was never one of the most popular shows on television, but everyone in our family loved it. It was definitely one of the funniest shows that probably not a lot of people ever saw. It was about Jimmy Chance who had a one night stand with a girl who turns out to be a serial killer and as a result is left with a daughter to raise on his own. Believe, me it plays a lot better than it sounds. It is really a hilarious show and not creepy at all. Jimmy take his baby daughter, Hope and goes home to his Mom and Dad who are not much older or experienced than he is. They had him when they were only fifteen. I love that even though Jimmy's parents Burt and Virginia married young and have never had a lot of money (or luck), they are portrayed as a loyal loving couple who really care about each other. Let's face it, loyal loving couples who don't fight a lot or pick on each other or put each other down all the time are rare on TV. The other member of the Chance household is MawMaw, Virginia's grandmother. She is played by the always hilarious, Cloris Leachman. One of the funniest running jokes of the whole show is that in the opening credits it says " and introducing Cloris Leachman" even though she is the most experienced of the whole cast having starred in at least two previous TV series Mary Tyler Moore and Phyllis and movies as well including The Last Picture Show and Young Frankenstein. The character of Sabrina starts out as Jimmy's unattainable crush, but their relationship develops as they show goes on. I like that although Sabrina is Jimmy's dream girl she is not a perfect golden girl. She has flaws just like everybody else. When the show started, Hope was just a baby and didn't do much. However, even as she got older, she still didn't do much. In fact, quite often she was more like a prop than a character in the show even though the show was called Raising Hope. She finally seemed to be getting to do and say more in the last few episodes. It is too bad she was not given much to do until the show was almost over because, after all, the show is called Raising Hope, and the twins who played Hope were very cute. The final episode of Raising Hope was okay. It was not the best final episode I have seen, but it was not the worst. It didn't really give closure in  a way that some other shows do. No great life change occurred for the Chances. They didn't really change from the beginning to the end of the show. They weren't any richer. They weren't any smarter. They were, however, still the same close loving family they had always been, and maybe that is enough. Sometimes, life just goes on and that's a good thing.

And that's our view. What show are you most sorry to see end this year?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Upcoming Event: Love Your Park Week May 10-17

What: Love Your Park Week

Where: Philadelphia Parks and Recreation

When: May 10 -17    

Love Your Park Week is a celebration of Philadelphia Parks including:

Service Projects
Fun Events
Educational Programs
Family Activities

Saturday May 10, 2014 

I Love Your Park Week Kick Off Service Day taking place at more than 80 neighborhood parks throughout Philadelphia from 9-12

This year, volunteers will clean and green the Parkside Evans Recreation Center and celebrate the grand opening of the adjoining Philadelphia PumpTrack, the city’s first public pumptrack.  A
pumptrack is a small dirt course of bumps, jumps and berms, designed for BMX and mountain bikes, which one can navigate without pedaling by using weight shifts and gravity. The Parkside Evans Recreation Center and Philly Pumptrack are located at 53rd Street and Parkside Avenue, Philadelphia. At the Parkside Evans Recreation Center, volunteers will be clearing paths, prepping the tennis courts, mulching trees, and painting the building. At the Philadelphia Pumptrack, volunteers will finish plantings, clear invasive vegetation, plant trees, and mulch around plantings.  Breakfast will be served to volunteers. After cleaning and greening the park spaces, there will be a grand opening of the Philadelphia Pumptrack with a PumpJam party organized by the Friends of the Philly Pumptrack. This family-friendly party will feature some of Philadelphia’s best food trucks, vendors, and the opportunity for all to take inaugural rides on the pumptrack. A pumptrack is a fun biking course that teaches riders essential riding skills while building fitness, all in a low-risk environment. 9am – 4pm. 53rd & Parkside Avenue.
Other activites for Love Your Park Week include the following:

Saturday May 10

Historic Penn Treaty Park - Pie in the Sky Festival
Head to the park for some kite-flying and food trucks. The perfect spring day! 12pm – 6pm. 1341 N Delaware Ave. penntreatypark.org
Fitler Square - Spring Fair
Celebrate the 52nd Annual Spring Fair with flowers, books, raffles, white elephant gift exchanges, and plenty of games for the kids! 400 South Croskey St. 10am – 4pm. www.fitlersquare.org

Sunday, May 11th

Shofuso Japanese House and GardenMother’s Day Tea Ceremony:  
enjoy a traditional Japanese tea ceremony in a beautiful, authentic setting. $. 1pm. Lansdowne & Horticultural Drive, 19131.  www.shofuso.com 

Franklin Square - Mother's Day Fest
Bring Mom and Grandma to Franklin Square for a brunch buffet, flower craft activity, and tickets for the Parx Liberty Carousel and Philly Mini Golf! Tickets are $25 to attend. 11am – 1pm. 200 N. 6th St. historicphiladelphia.org/franklin-square  

Schuylkill Banks 
Mother’s Day Boat Tour to Bartram’s Garden. Walnut Street Dock, East side of the Schuylkill River beneath the Walnut Street Bridge. 19103.  $. 12pm, 1pm, 2pm. www.schuylkillbanks.org

Monday, May 12 
Malcolm X Memorial Park - Art in the Park: '
Philadelphia Parks & Recreation proudly present Art in the Park, a FREE arts and crafts traveling class. All ages are welcome! 4pm-6pm. 52nd and Pine St. www.philavisualarts.wix.com/camp

Tuesday, May 13th
A Community Vision for East and West Fairmount Park - Launch Event – 
PennPraxis and the Penn Project for Civic Engagement will unveil "A Community Vision and Action Plan for East and West Fairmount Park" in partnership with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Fairmount Park Conservancy, and the William Penn Foundation. Join stakeholders for the unveiling and a walking tour. 6pm at Smith Memorial Playground & Playhouse in East Fairmount Park. design.upenn.edu/pennpraxis

Wednesday, May 14th
Louis I Kahn ParkKahn Park Summer Concert Series: 
Join the Friends of Kahn Park for the kickoff event in their Summer Concert Series. They will welcome the band Zydeco-a-Go Go to the park to thrill the crowd. 328 S. 11th St. www.kahnpark.org 

Smith Memorial Playground and PlayhouseParty in the Playground: 
Enjoy a playful cocktail reception with hors d’oeuvres from popular food trucks, music, drinks, a silent auction, and the presentation of the 2014 Ida Newman Magic of Play Award to Alex Gilliam, founder of Public Workshop and The Building Heroes. Tickets available at smithplayground.org. 6pm – 8pm. 3500 Reservoir Drive, East Fairmount Park.

Thursday, May 15th

Yards Brewery -  PARKx: 
Have a beer with the Fairmount Park Conservancy and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and enjoy a night of thrilling stories and discussions on the Philadelphia park system by park users who have had especially interesting experiences. 8pm. Yards Brewery, 901 N. Delaware Ave. www.myphillypark.org  

Hawthorne Park - Jazz in the Park: Jazz-lovers rejoice! Hawthorne Park will again host the Jazz Bridge for FREE, live concerts with various jazz peformers this spring and summer. Concerts will take place every third Thursday of the month from May to August. 7pm – 9pm. 12th & Catharine Streets. www.hecphilly.org  

Friday, May 16th

Cedar Park - Picnic at Cedar Park
Bring dinner and your favorite snacks to a moonlit spring picnic in Cedar Park with neighbors! 6pm – 8pm. 4900 Baltimore Ave. 6pm – 8pm. www.cedarparkneighbors.org

Wissahickon Environmental Center - Edible Bugs DinnerCome hungry and learn about the delicious and sustainable practice of eating bugs.  $5 per person.  Registration required. 6pm. 300 Northwestern Ave, 19118.

Fairhill Square - Festival de Primavera (Spring Festival): 
Take in some fresh air at Fairhill Square’s spring celebration! There will be all sorts of games, activities, arts and crafts, and nature exploration for children of all ages! 4pm. Huntingdon & N Lawrence St. providencecentershcj.org
Saturday, May 17th

Clark Park - Party in the Park: 
 Join us for the 2nd annual party to celebrate LOVE Your Park Week! The event will feature live music, food trucks, games for young and old, raffle prizes, and a beer garden! 4pm – 8pm. 43rd Street & Baltimore Avenue. www.friendsofclarkpark.org

McPherson Square Park - McPherson Square Park Festival
 Come join the Friends of McPherson Park in a fun-filled day! There will be games, resource tables, snacks, and great music for the whole family! 11am – 3pm. 600 E. Clearfield St.

Marconi PlazaSpring LOVE Your Park Fest
Join the Friends of Marconi Plaza for a morning park cleanup followed by pony rides, face painting, pizza, and hot dogs. The American Cancer Society will also hold a Relay for Life event from 10am to 10pm. 10am – 3pm. Broad St. and Oregon Ave. friendsofmarconiplaza@gmail.com
Etting Park - Swap & Meet
Come join in a clothes swap and flea market! All are also encouraged to donate clothes to Dress for Success, an organization striving to aid disadvantaged women by providing professional wear and career counseling. 10am – 3pm. 3200 N. Marston St. 

Morris Park - Morris Park's 102nd Birthday Bash
Help the neighborhood celebrate the 102nd anniversary of Morris Park joining the Fairmount Park system!  There will be a fundraiser for the Friends of Morris Park with lots of fun activities, music, and more! 12pm – 4pm. North 68th St. facebook.com/morrisparkrestorationassociation

For more information  about Love Your Park Week  or to volunteer go to http://loveyourpark.org/.

For  questions about the LOVE Your Park Week Kickoff Service Day, contact Erin Engelstad, Park Stewardship Coordinator, at 215-988-9334 or via email at eengelstad@fairmountparkconservancy.org.

For more information about the new pumptrack go to http://www.phillypumptrack.org/.

Tune in Monday for another Talking Topic. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Funny Friday - Food Sharing

Me -

When I was little I ate my cat, Gigi's food, when my Mom and Dad told me that it was not my food it was Gigi's food, I spit it back into her bowl.

Mom -

When Aurella was little, she was eating cheese, she grabbed my hand, put the rest of the cheese in my hand and pushed my hand away.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Little Mermaid

Me - The Little Mermaid, wow! I like The Little Mermaid. I have seen two different versions of The Little Mermaid and liked them both. In the movie version, I like the songs and the characters. I don't like the character of Sebastian though. He is annoying. My favorite song is Part of Your World. I liked the show The Little Mermaid too but not as much as the movie. The song were just okay, but I really liked Misunderstood sung by the Fish Witch. All of the characters were okay, but my favorite was the Fish Witch. The Fish Witch was funny, and he sang a good song. I liked the dances in the show. I didn't like the ending of the show. It was better than the original story, but not better than the Disney version. The workshop before the show was a lot of fun. My sister kept raising her hand to answer questions. When they called on her she spoke so quietly I had to repeat whatever she said. They called me her translator. I got to make a paper fish. It had big lips so I called it Kissy. Aurella made a sea horse. We had a lot of fun at the show.

Mom - The original story,  The Little Mermaid by Han Christian Anderson is kind of depressing. Disney's The Little Mermaid  is very happy or at least it ends up that way as do all Disney princess movies. Literally Alive Theater's The Little Mermaid is in between the two extremes. I don't really like the Hans Christian Anderson version of the story. I do like the Disney version of The Little Mermaid. I enjoyed Literally Alive Theater's version as well. I like the songs a little better in the Disney version except my favorite song out of all the songs in both versions is a song from Literally Alive's version called Misunderstood. I have not been able to get that song out of my head since I saw the show. Everyone in our family is in agreement that if a download of the song was available, we would definitely get it. I also like the live version because its much more engaging to have it happening right there in front of me than to watch it on a screen. I like the movie version because you can watch it again and again which doesn't interest me to so much as it interests my children. Of course, I like The Little Mermaid herself in both versions. While she is known as Ariel in the Disney version in the stage version she is called Coral.  In the movie, I also like Ariel's friend, Flounder, whom my younger daughter used to call Clownder. In the show, I like The Little Mermaid's sisters who are called Pearl and Shelly. They are much more distinct than Ariel's sisters and much more supportive of their sister. All in all there is a lot to like in both versions, and it is fun to see different versions of the same basic story.

And that's our view. What movie would you enjoy seeing a stage version of?

Tune in tomorrow for Funny Friday.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Where-To-Go Wednesday- Literally Alive Theater's Production of The Little Mermaid

What: The Little Mermaid

Where: Players Theater
            115 MacDougal Street
            New York, New York

Who: All Ages

Our view: If you are expecting the Disney version of the story, this is not it. In this version, the characters are different, the songs are different even the story is different. However, once you get past that, you will find this version of the story very enjoyable in its own right. The story while not as light as the Disney version is not as depressing as the original Hans Christian Anderson version either. The songs are sweet although not particularly memorable except a song called Misunderstood which is sung by the evil Fish Witch. Actually, while all of the acting is good, Eric Fletcher who plays the Fish Witch is definitely the standout performer of the show. His character is definitely not as scary evil  as Ursula in The Little Mermaid which is a good thing especially when you are dealing with small children and live theater. It also helps that if you arrive at the show an hour early, there is workshop. During the workshop, people associated with show talk about the show and ask questions and the audience gets to participate. Eric Fletcher participates in this session in regular street clothes and without makeup so the little ones can see he is just a regular person and not be afraid of him during the show. The musical director also talks about how music is used to make the sounds of the storm so kids aren't frightened by that during the show either. These tactics work because not one little kid was heard screaming in fright during the course of the show and all of the children in attendance seemed thoroughly engaged by the show. Also, as part of the workshop, children are invited to come on stage and create a sea creature of their own which they are even able to use to participate in the beginning of the show. All in all, the workshop and the show will both keep your children entertained and engaged. For more information about the The Little Mermaid and/or other Literally Alive Theater productions or to order tickets go to http://www.literallyalive.com/. If you are interested in seeing The Little Mermaid, go soon. It will only be running through April 27. We will share further information regarding future Literally Alive Theater productions as we receive it.

And that's our view. Tune in for tomorrow's Talking Topic post where we will be talking more about The Little Mermaid.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tips for Tuesday- TV: Degrassi The Next Generation and Overhauling

Me - Today I am recommending Degrassi The Next Generation. It is a good show. It is very serious and talks about very serious matters and some kids might not like it. However, most teen and tween girls will love it. It is like a teenage soap opera.

Mom - Today I am recommending Overhauling. My husband watches a lot of car shows, and I have to say that this is one of the better ones. Men will like it, of course, because it is about cars specifically about restoring classic cars.  However, women won't mind it because each episode is a little like a based on a true story tear jerking but ultimately uplifting movie wrapped up in a car show. First of all, you don't just apply to have your car redone. You have to be nominated by friends or family, and they can't just nominate you because they think you'd like it. You have to be worthy of being nominated because of what you do for others or something like that. I like to hear about what it is that makes each person chosen to have their car overhauled worthy of it. I also love to see how people react when they find out their car has been secretly overhauled. I don't think I have ever seen so many men cry as I do on this show, and I mean that in a good way. It is nice to see men openly expressing their emotions. It is fun to see the transformation of the cars as well. If your not a car person just think of it like when a person gets a makeover but instead it's a car getting the makeover. Over all, if one of you loves cars shows and the other doesn't, Overhauling is a pretty good compromise show.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Where-To-Go Wednesday.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Bike Riding

Me - Bike riding, wow! I like to ride my bike. I learned to ride a two wheel bike between Kindergarten and first grade. It took me a long time to start learning to ride my bike, but once I started I learned quick. I like feeling the wind in my hair when I ride. I like to ride really fast. I ride around my neighborhood. I like to ride by myself or with my neighbor. Once in a while, my Dad rides with me. I would ride with my sister, but she refuses to learn to ride a two wheeler. Even though my Dad and I are always trying to teach her. I like the bike I have now. I hated my old bike. It was really ugly. I was glad when I outgrew it and got a new bike. My bike now is pink and princessy but not in little kid way. It is really girly. This spring and summer I am hoping to ride more than I did last year.

Mom - I haven't been bike riding in years. When I was little and I learned to ride my bike, it was before helmets and knee pads and shoulder pads were required. I remember taking hard tumbles on the pavement and scrapping up my arms and legs. I never hit my head though. All our kids took a long time learning to ride their bikes. It isn't really so much because it took them a long time to learn. It just took them a long time before they decided they wanted to learn. Once they decided to learn, they learned pretty quickly at least Melia and my stepson. Aurella is still in the process of learning how to ride a two wheeler. It took her longer to learn to swim too, and she still doesn't swim as well as her sister and stepbrother because she only went to lessons for Mommy and Me class. When she was old enough to take a class without me and just with the teacher and the other kids, she refused to get in the pool.  She is still not a strong swimmer. I think she is a little bit afraid of swimming just as I think she is a little afraid of bike riding. I don't remember being afraid to ride a bike although I am sure at some point I probably was because I was that kind of kid. I was not the kind of kid who always wanted to try new things. Of course, eventually I did learn to ride a bike, and I loved it as all kids usually do. However, I don't like bike riding now. I know they say that once you learn to ride a bicycle you never forget. However, the last time I got on a bike when I was in my twenties or so, it just didn't feel right. I didn't feel comfortable. I felt kind of wobbly. I haven't been on a bike since.

And that's our view. When did you learn to ride a bike and do you still ride?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Special- Upcoming - Moms and Families Day at the New York Mets

What: Moms and Families Day at the New York Mets

Where: Citi Field
              126 Street and Roosevelt Avenue
              Flushing, New York

When: April 27, 2014 at 1:10 p.m.

Special $25.00 Ticket Packages ($29.00 after April 15)

Packages include:
Game Ticket
Hot Dog
Mets Lanyard With Ticket Holder
Exclusive Meet and Greet with Mr. Met

You won't want to miss it!

For more information or to order tickets contact Mets Group Sales Account Executive, Alexandra Pugliese by phone at (718)  559-3038 or by e-mail at apugliese@NYMets.com or go to www.mets.com/bloggerpicnic.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Funny Friday - If you insist


My cousin and me and my sister were all playing together with the lights off. My cousin got mad because we wouldn't let her turn the lights on. She left. Two minutes later, she came back with my older cousin. My younger cousin said "She (meaning my older cousin) wanted to check on you."

I said "We're fine."

Then, out of nowhere my younger cousin said "Fine, I'll play with you."

Mom -

Aurella and I are totally addicted to the Logo Quiz game. She was playing it on my Kindle Fire, and I was doing something else on my laptop.  Finally I couldn't stand her playing it without me anymore so I even though she hadn't asked I said. "Okay, I'll play with you."

We welcome you to share your funny stories with us. Tune in Monday for another Talking Topic.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Family Fun at the New York Mets

Me - Family Fun at the New York Mets, wow! Unfortunately, the Mets are not having a great year so far, however, you can still have an amazing time at a Met game. Even before the game when you are waiting to go in the gate, they have a blow up batting cage. You can also get balloon animals or have your face painted. Once, you get in the stadium. The food is great. I really enjoyed my burger. My sister loved the pizza too. They even have a food stand called Mr. Mets Kids Kitchen where everything is priced and proportioned for kids. There is a dunk tank. Instead of water, there is foam in the tank right now. Probably, when it gets warmer they will use actual water. They have regular batting cages. They have a mini field. I don't know if you can actually play on it though. They have Mr. and Mrs. Met who you can hug, high five and take pictures with. You can also sign up for the Mets Kids Club. Even their garbage cans are special. The top is shaped like a helmet. The bottom is blue with the Mets logo. There is so much you can do at a Mets game. The Mets are the most fan friendly major league baseball team. They have between innings games where kids can win prizes. They not only have a kiss cam but a family cam. Go to a Mets game and create family memories.

Mom- I have been to a number of baseball stadiums around the country. While I can not remember ever having a totally bad time at a baseball game and most stadiums are at least somewhat fan friendly, I can honestly say that I have never been to a stadium as fan friendly as Citi Field. It is not just that Citi Field is a newer stadium and as a result may have amenities that some older stadiums may not. It is that no matter where you are in the stadium you are constantly kept entertained. Outside the stadium among other things you can get your face painted, get a balloon animal, or have your picture taken near the homerun apple taken from the  Mets old stadium. Inside, in addition to the numerous shops and food stands, there is the Mets Hall of Fame. There is also a whole interactive Fan Fest area. Some of the options here include a dunk tank, a batting cage, and a mini field. This is also the area where Mets Kid Club membership kits can be picked up and where you can meet Mr. and Mrs. Met. While Mr. and Mrs. Met do wander throughout the park over the course of the game, they can always be found here at least once or twice a game. Even when you are sitting in your sit and watching the game, there is always entertainment provided between innings. In that sense, the Mets are more like a minor league team than other major league teams, but in a good way. The entertainment provided is not just things like watching videos on the scoreboard. It is more interactive. There are numerous interactive games and contests between innings. There is even a family of the game chosen with a $100.00 gift card awarded to the lucky family. The bottom line is this, if you want to go to a baseball game and do nothing but sit and watch the game, you can go to any stadium. If you want to be thoroughly entertained, go to a Mets game at Citi Field.

And that's our view. What is your favorite thing to do at a baseball game?

Tune in tomorrow for Funny Friday.

Disclaimer: This post was written as part of  our membership in the Mets Blogger program. We were given free food and tickets to the game. We did not, however, receive any monetary compensation for this post, and the opinions expressed herein are our own based on our experiences at Citi Field.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Family Fun at Citi Field

What: Cit Field

Where:12301 Roosevelt Avenue
             Corona, New York

Who: All Ages

Our view: Today we are going to focus on what else there is to do at Citi Field besides watch a baseball game. For the little ones, there are free games and attractions at the Mets Fan Fest. Here there is a full scale model of the stadium which kids can run around and play on. Kids will love the team mascots Mr. and Mrs. Met. While Mr. Met can be found throughout the stadium, he always appears at Fan Fest at specific times. If you want be sure to catch him, check out the schedule of his appearances at Fan Fest. On Sundays, Mr. Met is accompanied by Mrs. Met. Also, on Sundays after the game, children have the opportunity to run around the bases on the actual field which the team plays on. For older kids, there are video games.There is a dunk tank for testing your throwing arm, as well as a batting cage to test your skill at hitting a ball. For anyone old enough to appreciate it, there is a Mets Hall of Fame and Museum featuring Mets Memorabilia and the Mets Hall of Fame. For adults, there are several clubs and restaurants located throughout the stadium. For some of them you need special tickets and/or reservations, for some you do not. There are party suites which must, of course, be reserved in advance.  So as you can see, there is a lot to do at a game at Citi Field besides watch baseball.

And that's our view. For more information about family fun at Citi Field see tomorrow's Talking Topics post. For more about Citi Field and New York Mets games in general see http://saysmesaysmom.blogspot.com/2013/08/where-to-go-wednesday-citi-field.html and/or http://saysmesaysmom.blogspot.com/2013/09/new-york-mets-game.html.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tips for Tuesday - Apps. and Web-Sites: Hoppy Frog and Logo Quiz

Me - Today I am recommending Hoppy Frog. It is fun. You just tap and try to get the frog from cloud to cloud to eat the flies and escape the shark. If you fall, the shark eats you. Sometimes, the shark pops up and eats you. You have like two seconds to jump. You should get this game, and it's free.

Mom - Today I am recommending Logo Quiz. It is a game where you have to guess the logos of different products, TV shows, games etc. Every time, you guess one you earn a hint. When you cannot get one, you can request a hint with hints you have earned. You can get up to 4 hints for any logo. The more logos you get the more levels that open up to you. This game is totally addictive and since I started playing it I have actually started paying more attention to commercials and to other cars and places that I see when we are out driving.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Where-To-Go Wednesday.

Monday, April 7, 2014


What: New York Jazz Choreography Project

Where: Salvatore Capezio Theater at Peridance
            16 E. 13th Street
             New York, New York

When: April 12 -13

On Saturday, April 12th, at 8:30 - Reception Post Performance with the Purchase of Benefit Tickets
On Sunday, April 13th, at 4:00 - Talk Back with the Choreographers Post Performance

Featured choreographers include:
Crystal Chapman
Megan Doyle
Stephanie Heroux
Richard J. Hinds
Monica and Emily Hogan
Michael Jagger and Evita Arce
Joyce King
Lara Luzim
Cat Manturuk
Christy Rak-Samson and Courtney Goerge
Sue Samuels
Kirsten Schwartz
Alan Spaulding
Amy VanKirk

The New York Jazz Choreography Project is a celebration of jazz dance featuring 14 original works by emerging and established choreographers. The audience will be treated to dances in a variety of jazz styles — from swing to contemporary — and have the chance to see the richness of this great American art form. Since 2007 Artistic Directors Marian Hyun and Merete Muenter have presented 64 choreographers and more than 450 dancers from the U.S., Japan, South Africa, and Germany. The performances will be held at the Salvatore Capezio Theater at Peridance.

Purchase of a Benefit ticket for Saturday, April 12th, will include a champagne and dessert reception with the artists after the performance. On Sunday, April 13th, a talk back moderated by JCE Board Member, Greg Harris, will follow the performance.

$30/$20 (for students with valid high school or college ID
$50 Benefit Ticket (includes Saturday post-performance reception)

Running Time: 70 minutes, no intermission
For More information and/or Tickets >

To Win Tickets Fill Out the Rafflecopter Below

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How I Met Your Mother

Spoiler Alert: If you still haven't seen the last episode of How I Met Your Mother and/or read anything about it and you still want to see it and be surprised, then don't read this post.

Me- How I Met Your Mother, wow! I am super sad that How I Met Your Mother. It was the best show ever. It was so funny! It had great characters. It had amazing story lines and plots. It had great catchphrases. I loved all the characters in the show. I did not have a favorite. I had a lot of favorite episodes. A couple of my favorites were episodes called Slap Bet and Swarley. I also have a bunch of other favorites. I just can't remember all the names now. I loved the songs the character of Robin sang in all the Robin Sparkles episodes. My sister and I go around singing them all the time. Actually, I liked all the music in How I Met Your Mother, and there was a lot more music, singing, and dancing then you would think. The cast really clicked. They had great chemistry. All the main couples were so cute together. I don't have a favorite. I have mixed feelings about the last episode of the show. Of course, the whole show was about, a guy telling his kids the story of how he met their mother. In the first episode, he told them about how he met their "Aunt Robin." He and Robin met, dated, broke up, and they remained good friends. In the last episode, it turned out he was only telling his kids the story to get their permission to date Robin again because the kids' mother had died six years ago. I didn't like that because he went through whole story which took all nine years of the series just for the mother to end up dying. The only way they could cushion that blow was by having him and Robin get back together like they did. I liked that Ted and Robin were back together but I had mixed feelings because of the mother. I liked that things were good between Lily and Marshall, Ted's best friends, and they were still together and had three kids. I liked that Barney, their other friend, had a daughter. I thought that it was so nice that even though with all the girls he dated he was not the kind of person who would ever walk right up to a girl and say that she was the woman of his dreams but it was sweet that he could say it to his daughter. I would have liked to know more about his daughter's mother though like what was her name and were she and Barney still together after the baby was born. Another thing that bothered me about the last episode was that the mother's name was Tracy. I realize that seems like a trivial thing, but she didn't look like a Tracy and that bothered me. I realize they needed to have her have a T name for plot purposes, but my mom and I decided she looked more like a Tess so that is what we were going to call her. Over all, the last episode had its good points and its bad points. I think How I Met Your is the best show ever, and I am really going to miss it. Since, we already own seasons 1-8 , and we are going to get season 9 when it comes out, I'm going to have to watch it all over again.

Mom- Over, the years, I occasionally saw How I Met Your Mother, and I always liked it, but I never thought about watching it all the time. That is kind of strange for me, because usually if I like a show I get attached to it and have to watch every episode and even if it suddenly is not very good anymore I will still keep watching until the end of the series. My husband and Melia and I happened to see the last episode of the 8th season of How I Met Your Mother which ended on a cliffhanger. So, of course, we had to watch the first episode of the 9th season, and then we were hooked. We decided to watch all of season 9. We absolutely loved it. The plots and characters and situations were so funny. The chemistry of the cast was amazing. We decided it wasn't enough to watch the whole 9th season. We needed to watch the entire series, and we needed to have it all done before the final episode aired on March 31. So from Mid January to Mid March, we binge watched the entire first 8 seasons of How I Met Your Mother. It was so worth it too. Now, that it is all over, I feel sad. The final episode provided some closure, but I have mixed feelings about it. I liked that Lily and Marshall were still together and still happy together. I like that Marshall had finally gotten to be a judge after giving up his first opportunity for a judgeship for Lily. I don't like that we never find out the sex and name of Lily and Marshall's third child although that is a minor quibble. I like that Barney has a daughter and is finally able to really commit to his daughter at least even if to noone else.   On the other hand, it seems like that plot point was really rather rushed. I would have liked to know more about Barney and his daughter's mother. What was she like? Did she and Barney stay together? Were they ever really together except for the fact that they had a kid together? I also would have liked to know what Barney's daughter turned out like. Also, so many years of the show dealt with Barney and Robin's off and on relationship and their feelings for each other. They actually got engaged and even married. In fact, the whole entire 9th season of the show dealt with the events that occurred the weekend of Barney and Robin's wedding. Therefore, it was kind of a letdown to find out that they just ended up getting divorced. The only saving grace was that Robin allegedly ended up with her true soul mate but more on that later.  I glad we finally got to learn how Ted did indeed meet the mother of his children. However, that was kind of let down too because he met her and they never got their happily after. Instead, we learned that they had about ten years together before she became ill and died. So I sort of feel like why did we bother watching this whole thing just for the mother to die?
However, two facts do soften the blow. First of all, in earlier episodes this season, they did show Ted and the mother together in flash forwards so we did get to see them happy together at least a little bit. The other thing that softens the blow is that Ted ended up with Robin. Robin was really kind of his soul mate and all along throughout the course of the show there were signs kind of pointing to the fact that they should indeed be together. I personally believe really strongly in soul mates and that maybe the person you think is your soul mate at first really isn't especially since my husband and I knew each other for like ten years before we got together, and he was married before. I liked that How I Met Your Mother ended like it began with Ted standing outside Robin's window holding a blue French horn he stole for her.  Now, that it is over, I may watch an occasional episode of the show again because we have it all on DVD. I am not going to sit through the entire series again like Melia is planning to do though. However, I am really going to miss it. Over all, it was really a great show. In my opinion, it was one of the best.

And that's our view. What TV show were you really sorry to see end?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.