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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Favorite TV Couples

Me- Favorite TV couples, wow! My top two favorite TV couples are Finn and Rachel from Glee and Monica and Chandler from Friends. They are so cute! They are both perfect together. I love that Finn and Rachel are always looking at each other even when they are not dating. I love the episodes of Friends when Monica and Chandler are always sneaking around. Those were some of the best episodes. I loved Jimmy and Karen on Smash except for I called him jerkface. I am glad they got together in the end. I like Jimmy and Sabrina on Raising Hope. I like Deacon and Rayna on Nashville. I also liked Scarlet and Gunnar. I didn't like her with Avery. I didn't like Avery at all but now I like him with Juliet. I like all the couples on The Big Bang Theory. I even liked Raj and Lucy even though they are not together anymore. They were perfect together. I used to like Sam and Brittany on Glee, but I also liked Sam and Quinn on Glee. I liked Quinn and Puck on Glee too. I am glad they are back together.I liked Tina and Mike on Glee.  I liked Jesse and Tony on Jesse. I was sorry they broke up.  In fact, I am sorry when any of the couples I like break up. I like Austin and Ally. They were only together for one episode after 4 episodes leading up to it. They mentioned that they still have feelings for each other though so I am waiting for them to get back together. I liked PJ,'s girlfriend, Skyler on Good Luck Charlies who was as dumb as he is. I like Teddi's boyfriend, Beau. I didn't like her boyfriend, Spencer. I like Gabe and Lauren on Good Luck Charlie too. I liked Beck and Tori in Victorious even though they were never really together. I also like Rachel and Ross on Friends and Phoebe and Mike on Friends. There's a lot of cute couples on TV, but these are just some of them.

Mom- There have been so many great. couples on TV over the years. Here are just a few. My favorite TV couple of all is Finn and Rachel on Glee. I think they reason the chemistry was so amazing with the two of them is because it was real as was evidenced by the fact that they ended up dating in real life. I am really going to miss them together on the show and in life. I like Jimmy and Sabrina on Raising Hope. I like that they are still as funny as ever and didn't get boring just because they got married on the show. I also like Virginia and Burt, Jimmy's parents, on Raising Hope. I love that they have such a good relationship even though they have been married for a long time. You don't always see that on television. I like Rayna and Deacon on Nashville. I also like Scarlet and Gunnar on Nashville. I know that neither of these couples is together  any longer, but i hope they get back together. I like all of the couples on The Big Bang Theory. I think I like Leonard and Penny the best, but I like Bernadette and Howard  a lot too because Bernadette is friends of ours in real life and her being with Howard keeps her on the show. Sheldon and Amy are just so funny together and so perfect together. I used to like Monica and Chandler on Friends. The episodes when they were secretly having an affair were the best ever. I liked Alex and Ellen on Family Ties but I did not like Alex and Lauren. That was another case where the chemistry was real, and the actors playing the parts later got married in real life. There have been a lot of great soap opera couples both on daytime TV and  night time TV including Luke and Laura of General Hospital, Nikki and Victor on The Young and the Restless, Pam and Bobby on Dallas, and Val and Gary on Knots Landing. Nowadays, there are not that many soap operas anymore. Soap opera couples don't stay together that long anyway unless the show is being cancelled or both actors are leaving the show and the characters are being written out. Anyway, this list is just a sampling of the great TV couples there have been over the years. I am sure there are many more that I can't even think of right now.

And that's our view. What is your favorite TV couple?

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