I started this blog with one daughter, kept it up with the other, to spend time together doing something we enjoyed.
However, things change and people evolve. My daughters are older, busier, and not as interested in writing.
From now on this blog will be mostly mom with occasional contributions from my daughters and maybe even my husband.
Nothing else will change. We'll still focus on sharing fun places to go, fun things to do, and more, and we would  still love to hear your views too

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Theater Thursday - TADA Youth Theater Online

Just because the theater is closed doesn't mean that you and your family can't still experience the fun of TADA Youth Theater. The company is offering a variety of entertaining activities for you to participate in online,

You can view videos  from past performances including:

Mom Likes Me Better from Everything About a Family (almost)


Somewhere in a Dream from The Trial of Alice in Wonderland


A Pirate from Adventures from Ezra Jack Keats


Small Parts from Golly Gee Whiz


For more go to TADA Youth Theater's YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/channel/UCCVUAOlTg0s2z93g8vPpYWg

Learn a song from TADA Youth Theater Production

Every Saturday both the vocal track  and choreography for a number from a show are posted on TADA Youth Theater's YouTube channel so far they have included:

A Pirate from Adventures from Ezra Jack Keats




A Day in the Life of a Kid from Everything About A Day (almost)




You can even record your own version of the TADA Youth Theater song for instructions and lyrics, visit www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9BBm4FPN0XazYyjh-eZs6b48uqUzTVkT

Hopefully, full recordings of past TADA Youth Theater productions will be available for viewing soon..

For more, visit TADA Yout Theater's YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/user/tadatheater or their website at https://www.tadatheater.com.

Tune in Sunday for this week's Sunday Scoop.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

What-To-Do Wednesday - Virtual Visits: Portland Japanese Garden

If you want to get your dose of culture while being stuck inside, many museums and other attractions offer a variety of virtual exhibits. This is an especially great time to explore museums and attractions that are outside of your area and maybe even outside of your country that you ordinarily would not be able to get to because of time and/or money constraints. We will doing so as well and  we will be sharing one or more of our virtual visits in today's and future What-To-Do Wednesday posts

What: Portland Japanese Garden

Physical Address: 61 S.W. Kingston Ave.
                                Portland, OR

The Portland Japanese Garden was established in the 1960s as a way to convene with nature and learn about Japanese culture. The site is home to several different types of gardens as well as a cultural village which includes a Japanese Arts Learning Center, a Garden House and a cafe. For current ways to explore the Portland Japanese Garden virtually, see below:

Videos to view: 

See what a day at the Portland Japanese Garden is like

Take  a tour of the of the Portland Japanese Garden

Take a stroll through the Portland Japanese Garden with Garden Curator, Sada Uchiyama

For more videos, visit the Portland Japanese Garden YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/pdxjapanesegarden

You can also virtually explore the Gardens on your own through the use of 360 degree photos. Areas to explore include: 

Entry Garden

Flat Garden

Strolling Pond Garden

Tea Garden

Natural Garden

Sand and Stone Garden

Cultural Village 

There is also a virtual art exhibit, The Brush of Shoko Kanazawa. Ms. Kanazawa, a noted Japanese calligrapher. was scheduled to  have an exhibit of her work on display as well as make a visit to the Garden herself. However, due to the circumstances, the exhibit has been moved online where you can learn about the artist, and view examples of her art as well as a view a video of her at work. 

For more about Portland Japanese Garden or to take your make your own virtual visit, go to japanesegarden.org.

Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!

photo credit: jpellgen (@1179_jp) Portland Japanese Garden via photopin (license)

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Tips for Tuesday: Books: The Orphan's Gift & Game: 5 Second Rule

We may have been given  a complimentary copy of one or more of the books and/or other products listed here for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

Books: The Orphan's Gift

The Orphan's Gift: An absolutely heartbreaking historical novel by [Renita D'Silva]

Mom - Today I am recommending The Orphan's Gift by Renita D'Silva. This is a beautiful touching and heartbreaking book. Growing up with a frail mother and a cold and distant father who show her little love or attention, Alice's constant companion and best friend is Raju, a servant's son.  Her feelings for her friend only deepen with age, but any kind of relationship between them can only lead to tragic consequences. Years later, Janaki is raised in an orphanage. Although, the nuns who raise her are loving and caring and her fellow orphans are friendly and sweet, every time it seems that she has found true happiness, it is taken away from her. It will take Janaki's daughter, Deepa to bring these two woman together. If you are a crier, you will definitely want to have tissues handy when you read this book. You will definitely need them. This gut-wrenching book will rip your heart out, and it will touch your soul.

Game: 5 Second Rule Jr.

Mom - Today I am recommending 5 Second Rule Jr. This is an exceptionally fast paced and terribly amusing game. The object is to give an answer that fits a particular category in 5 seconds or less.  Although the categories in this junior version of the game don't seem that hard, trying to think of an answer that fits one in 5 second is not always easy but quite often hilarious.  The crazy twisted timer with its spinning metal balls instead of the sand timer that most games use only adds to the fun of the game. This is great game for everyone in the family ages 3 and up.

And that's Mom's view. Tune in tomorrow for What-To-Do Wednesday.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!

Monday, April 27, 2020

Monthly Mashup for April, 2020 Pets I Would Like and The Overwhelming Amount of Online Entertainment Currently Available

Me - My topic for this month is pets I would like to have. I would like a puppy because puppies are awesome and adorable and sweet and fluffy. I have wanted a puppy my entire life. I would like a hedgehog because they are so adorable. They have the cutest tiny little faces. I have wanted a hedgehog for years. It is actually legal to have them as pets in my state, but I can't get one in the apartment where I live. When I get older I want to have a farm, and I want to have a lot of animals. I want to have horses. I want to have cows. I want to have chickens. One of my chickens I will name Spike. I have want to have pigs. I want to have bunnies. I want to have guinea pigs. I want to have hamsters. I want to have all kinds of fish. I want to have a really cool colorful fish tank full of interesting fish. I want to have a chinchilla if that's legal. I also want to have dogs and cats. I want some kind of lizard or a geeko. I am not really sure what the difference is. I would like to have birds including a parrot. I am going to teach my parrot to talk. I would like to have goats. That is all I can think of off the top of my head but I am sure there are more animals I would like to have.

Mom - My topic for this month is the overwhelming amount of online entertainment currently available. Of course, there is always plenty of entertainment available online, but since online entertainment  is one of  the only forms currently available the total amount of it has just skyrocketed. I don't know about anyone else but I am totally overwhelmed by it all. I mean, of course, I am not interested in everything out there. Nobody is. We all have our specific interests. However, just in the area that I am particularly interested in which is Broadway Theater there are numerous daily and/or weekly podcasts and/or Facebook lives plus two and three hour specials just about every other day it seems plus much more!  Most of the  entertainment being produced by and for the Broadway community is to raise money for The Actor's Fund, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids or some other great cause. It is important that they do that, and I am glad they are. However, as a result the amount of available entertainment options that are out there to indulge in and enjoy is just overwhelming! I could literally spend all my time doing nothing but watching and listening, and I still wouldn't even be able to watch and or listen to everything that sounds interesting to me. Besides, then when would I eat, sleep, read, work on this blog or do anything else!

And that's our view. What's on your mind?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!

photo credits
photo credit 1: Sercan TIRNAVALI Little happinesses. Puppies! via photopin (license)
photo credit 2: Dan Arndt Roomba via photopin (license)
photo credit 3: Steve Sawyer Sleeping Piglets via photopin (license)
photo credit 4: Tambako the Jaguar Close blue fronted Amazon via photopin (license)
photo credit 5: Rawpixel Ltd Aerial view of woman using computer laptop and a smartphone on wooden table via photopin (license)

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sunday Scoop Week of 4/26/20 Updates Regarding the Latest Postponements and Cancellations Plus Current and Upcoming Alternatives to Live In Person Events and More

Current and Upcoming Alternatives to Live In Person Events and More 

1) 10:00 PM with Galinsky on Facebook Live 5 Nights A Week
2) Andrew Lloyd Webbers Candenza Challenge Continues Globally
3) Autistic Performers Create A Virtual Performances Series
4) Beat by Beat Press Releases Virtual Children's Musical
5) Broadway on Demand Launches in May
6) Broadway Workshop Online Workshops
7) CMS of Lincoln Center to Recognize Area High Schools
8) Deep Arts Announces This Week's Likah at Home Video Running
9) The Early Night Show With Joshua Turpin Added to the Broadway Podcast Network
10) The Flea Theater Announces The Return of Late Night Series "Serial"
11) Off Broadway Alliance Annouces Dates for 10th Annual Awards
12) Works & Process at the Guggenheim Schedule Through May 18

1) '10 PM With Galinsky' on Facebook Live
5 Nights a Week

Upcoming Guests include:
Clayton Patterson, Liza Jessie Peterson, 
Coach Frank “Buddy” Leonard and Maryann Plunkett
10 PM With Galinsky is a new, thirty-minute talk-variety show that stars performer, artist, activist Robert Galinsky streaming live each night from his Alphabet City NYC studio. Galinsky interviews celebrities, newsmakers, and exceptional people doing extraordinary things. The casual conversation format features guest photographs and audience participation through live chat.
10 PM with Galinsky, streams live,  Monday -Friday at 10 PM on Facebook.com/RobertGalinsky.

This week's guests include:
Monday April 27 at 10 PM
Clayton Patterson is a Lower East Side outlaw artist, rebel, photographer, infamous documentarist of riots, anarchists, squatters, graffiti and tattoo artists,skaters, poets, punks, leathered rock’n’rollers, skinheads, Santeria priests and the ignored, abused, and broken. 

Tuesday April 28 at 10 PM
Liza Jessie Peterson is a Drama Desk Award Nominee, Agnes Gund’s prestigious Art for Justice Fund recipient, featured in Ava Duvernay’s, “The 13th”, consultant on Bill Moyer’s doc, “Rikers”, critically acclaimed performer and writer of the one woman show “The Peculiar Patriot”.

Wednesday April 29 at 10 PM
Coach Frank “Buddy” Leonard is a special Assignment Scout for theNewEngland Patriots (Super Bowl winning season), tight ends coach St. Louis Rams, assistant head coach, tight ends Coach Boston College, 36 years in college/pro coaching, super soulful recruiter and mentor.

Thursday April 30 at 10 PM
Maryann Plunkett is a Tony Award winner for Broadway’s Me and My Girl. Also featured/starring roles in film & TV: Brooklyn Lobster, Little Women,House of Cards, The Gabriels, MAD, Manifest, The Good Wife, Blue Valentine, The Squid and the Whale and much more 
Friday May 1 at 10 PM
Robert Galinsky Solo - A mix of best moments from the past week’s guests, improvisations with chatters, readings of new scripts and more variety

Past guest have included: Jay O. Sanders (JFK, Day After Tomorrow).  Lin Shaye (Penny Dreadful, Insidious, Something About Mary), Billy Hayes (Midnight Express), Richard Stratton (Writer/ Producer), Keith Shocklee (founding member of "Public Enemy), Chad Morgan (Actor and Voiceover Artist)
Robert Galinsky is a performance and media coach whose clients include 50 Cent (Rapper/Actor), Libby Moore (Oprah Winfrey's Chief of Staff), Kofi Appenteng (President Africa-America Institute, Board, Ford Foundation), Ariel Barbouth (Founder, CEO Nuchas Empanadas) and many more. He has coached clients for appearances on Shark Tank, The View, ABC Nightline News, the Today Show and multiple presentations at the United Nations. Galinsky was head speaker coach for TEDx Teen for 10 years, from its inception, and his work as a coach and producer has taken him around the globe to such places as India, the United Kingdom, Canada and South America.  
As a writer and performer he debuted Off-Broadway at the Cherry Lane Theatre in his critically acclaimed solo theater piece "The Bench, A Homeless Love Story" and had a subsequent run in Hollywood California at the Hudson Guild Theater. He has written/co-written over fifty TEDx Talks, is a contributing editor for The Fresh Toast and his work as a coach, writer, producer and performer has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Advertising Age, High Times Magazine, the Financial Times, on BBC, NPR and in hundreds more media outlets.
Monday – Friday 
10 PM – 10:30 PM 
2) Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cadenza Challenge Continues Globally

Andrew Lloyd Webber unveiled highlights from the already thousands of submissions from his “Cadenza Challenge” where fans were invited to submit videos of them performing a cadenza, the virtuoso vocal passage at the end of “Think of Me,” the iconic song from his global phenomenon The Phantom of The Opera. The international “Cadenza Challenge” continues and submissions are being accepted on Lloyd Webber’s social channels.

To view highlights from the challenge, please visit:



A panel of judges which will include eight-time BAFTA Award winning television host Graham Norton and Sierra Boggess, one of the most acclaimed and beloved actors to play the role of Christine Daae in both New York and London, will select the winner who will get to perform their version of “Think of Me” (complete with cadenza) on stage at the very first return performance of The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway or in London’s West End.  

Recently,  as part of his ongoing “Composer in Isolation” series, Webber took to his social media and invited fans to submit their own rendition of “Think of Me” with their own cadenza, which is an operatic showcase near the end of the song. Fans from all over the world have been submitting their videos, as the challenge heats up.

The Shows Must Go On! YouTube Channel, recently launched by UPHE Content Group, has made available a selection of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s much loved musicals, launching with one of the most enduring shows of all time, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (2000). The second production that was made available was the legendry rock classic, Jesus Christ Superstar (2012), followed by The Phantom of the Opera at Royal Albert Hall and Love Never Dies Each musical will be available weekly for a limited 48-hour period online – no charge or sign up required – giving fans of musical theater an opportunity to enjoy beloved shows from their living rooms.

Alongside full-length shows, clips of famous performances and behind-the-scenes footage will be uploaded regularly to the channel, so fans can continue to get their theater fix at home
3) Autistic Performers Create a Virtual Performance Series

On April 6, EPIC Players Inclusion Company, a neuro-diverse theater company based in New York City, was scheduled to sing at Lincoln Center's Clark Theater in honor of Autism Acceptance Month. Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, the performance and their upcoming season have been put on hold.

In an effort to spread some much-needed joy and inspiration, their company members which feature artists on the spectrum, will share a series of virtual performances throughout the Spring. Many of the video’s will be in collaborations with Broadway talent. The company would also like to connect with additional Broadway talent who may be interested in working on a virtual performance with EPIC.

Individuals living with autism and other neruo-diversities have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has shuttered many of their essential resources, programs and supports and left them even more vulnerable to anxiety and distress.

Please enjoy the first two virtual performances by the company which include the videos Autism IS… and the original song If the World Only Knew by Scott Evan Davis.

Autism IS…
Autism can mean so many different things to so many different people. In celebration of Autism Acceptance Month, and in this time of crisis, EPIC’s autistic community members created a video about what autism is to them.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/kay9kiLiV-c

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/408552730

If the World Only Knew

The original song was created by award-winning composer and lyricist Scott Evan Davis who just wrote and composed the new musical Indigo, which workshopped off-Broadway this past fall featuring Betsy Wolfe and Telly Leung. If the World Only Knew was created for the autistic community and was shared with EPIC Players to be performed at their Lincoln Center cabaret.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/9Ch58BdhYzk

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/404823802

EPIC Players--which stands for empower, perform, include and create--is a nonprofit, neuro-diverse theatre company in New York City. Founded in 2016, EPIC seeks to use the performing arts as a vehicle to empower neuro diverse artists and pioneer increased inclusion in the arts. EPIC provides yearlong classes, at no charge to the participants, in acting, audition technique, improv, film, storytelling, playwrighting and ongoing seminars and workshops with industry professionals. The company’s productions feature neuro-diverse artists that work in all capacities of theatre including acting, writing, stage management, design and backstage work. www.epicplayersnyc.org
4) Beat by Beat Press 
Has Released a Virtual Children's Musical 
Written to be Rehearsed and Performed Remotely: 
The Show Must Go Online!

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Beat by Beat Press has introduced the world's first virtual children's musical, The Show Must Go Online!created in less than three weeks with the goal of helping theatre groups continue to perform in these times of social distance.

In this first-of-its kind production, up to 20 young actors receive a one to two-minute scene/song to rehearse, video record, and upload. When the videos are played in order, they tell the hilarious story of a group of passionate students desperate to keep their annual musical alive...online...

The piece can be licensed for only $149. The Show Must Go Online! runs 30-40 minutes and is written for a cast of 20 actors aged 7-14. The work is offered with a Pay What You Can model, which empowers those with various financial constraints to still put on a show. School and theatre groups receive Actor Scripts, Virtual Production Guide, Music Lead Sheets, Logos, and Vocal and Accompaniment Recordings. The show's production materials are available after purchase for instant download at www.bbbpress.com/musicals/the-show-must-go-online
5) Broadway On Demand 
Launching in May











Broadway On Demand, the all new membership-based streaming service that offers an extensive and wide-ranging library of video on demand content, exclusive livestream events, interactive platforms, and educational resources, is set to officially launch in mid-May with a star-studded live concert. Kicking off its inaugural content series, “30 Days of Opening Nights,” this livestream event will take place at Hollywood’s Bourbon Room (thanks to strictly enforced social distancing and sanitization protocols) and will raise funds to benefit performers, playwrights, composers, musicians and stagehands affected by the COVID-19 health crisis.  Access to view the event will be completely free of charge, as part of Broadway On Demand’s Free Membership. Click here to join.

Broadway On Demand is a virtual performing arts complex with a variety of programming that far surpasses any theatrical streaming services currently in the marketplace.  In addition to a growing list of live-captured Broadway shows that can be viewed on demand, Broadway On Demand is partnering with individual artists, concert series, brick-and-mortar performance venues, and producing entities around the world to be able to continuously offer the widest array of archived and live streaming events, including everything from exclusive performances to backstage access to interactive masterclasses, and much more.  Finally, thanks to a unique licensing interface, approved middle school, high school, and college productions will have the opportunity to be streamed to their audiences via this platform. 

In addition to a wide selection of free content, for a small monthly fee, a Premium Subscription will offer access to a special selection of premium content, including archival materials and the bulk of livestreams.  A handful of special events will be “ticketed” using a pay-per-view model, with discounts offered to Premium Subscribers.

Additional information, including the live concert launch event broadcast schedule,  line-up of talent and the complete programming schedule for “30 Days of Opening Nights,” will be announced shortly.
6) Broadway Workshop Online Workshops

Broadway & Dance Moms Star RACHELLE RAK 
is back for another signature SAS CLASS! 

THIS IS A DONATION-BASED CLASS - Pay what you can and come dance with us!

Saturday, May 2nd
10:30am - 11:30am EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Ages: All Ages 
Cost: Donation/Pay what you can
Zoom Online Workshop 

Rachelle Rak has been offering this incredible class at Broadway Workshop for the last 10 years, leaving parents and students raving.  Now, Rachelle is bringing her class to you at home as a donation-based class. Pay whatever you can to take part in this incredible workshop! 

with Alex Brightman
Two-time Tony Award Nominee for Beetlejuice School of Rock
Saturday, May 2nd, 2020 
1:30pm - 3:30pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Ages: 14-19
Zoom Online Workshop
Cost: $90

THIS IS AN ADVANCED LEVEL CLASS. Students should be prepared for honest feedback and be ready to work in depth on their song selections.

with Reneé Rapp
The Mean Girls Star is back for two additional Online workshops!  
Sunday, May 3rd, 2020
4:00pm - 5:30pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Ages: 11-19

Friday, May 8th, 2020
4:00pm - 5:30pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Ages: 11-19
Cost: $90

Reneé will be joined by Broadway Workshop director Marc Tumminelli, who will work with each student one-on-one on audition technique and song interpretation in these special online master classes. The workshop will focus on giving students the opportunity to bring their audition and performance skills to the next level.

with Christy Altomare
Star of Anastasia on Broadway
Sunday, May 3rd, 2020 
11:00am - 12:30pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Ages: 9-13
Zoom Online Workshop
Cost: $90

Christy, along with Broadway Workshop's staff, will work with each student one-on-one on audition technique and song interpretation in this special online master class. The workshop will focus on giving students the opportunity to bring their audition and performance skills to the next level.

For more information or to register for any of these workshops, visit https://campscui.active.com/orgs/BroadwayWorkshop#/selectSessions/2824309
7) CMS of Lincoln Center 
to Recognize Area High Schools

For 37 years the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center has had a Young Musicians program for high school classical musicians.  Each winter, CMS holds regional concerts for high school classical music ensembles.  The regional competitions are held in New York City, Hudson Valley, Connecticut, Long Island, and north Jersey.  This year 29 schools in the tri-state area submitted a total of 41 ensembles for consideration. Winning  ensembles are selected from each concert and they are invited to perform in a concert at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall. This year’s concert of the winning ensembles was to have been on Thursday, April 30.

Because of the pandemic, the high school musicians cannot convene at Lincoln Center for the big concert, so CMS will offer a special online broadcast featuring performance videos of the finalists.  The video will stream live at 11 AM on April 30 (same time that concert would have taken place) on the Chamber Music Society Facebook page and website, and it will be available via the CMS Young Musicians Program webpage following the broadcast.

Videos from all ensembles appearing in the regional concerts can be viewed here. 13 ensembles from 11 schools were selected as winners for the April 30th concert. The finalists are:
              Fiorello LaGuardia High School
              Special Music School
              Townsend Harris High School
              Hunter College High School
Connecticut/Hudson Valley:
              Suffern High School
              Hackley School
Long Island:
              William A. Shine Great Neck South High School
New Jersey:
              Tenafly High School
              Peddie School
              Bergen County Academics
              Ridgewood High School

DEEP Arts is excited to release this week's LIKAH video of "Running," a song from the new family musical   LIKAH, A Puppy Musical  written  by Deborah Haber and Casey Filiaci.  http://deeparts.org/likah/creative-team

"Running" marks DEEP Arts third video, each fun-filled musical video has an accompanying LIKAH! At-Home Activity Guide complete with at-home learning activities plus song lyrics...so kids (and parents) can participate by singing-a-long, making it a perfect addition for an at-home learning curriculum.  The videos and guides can be found at  http://deeparts.org/likah/likah-at-home 

This week's video release "RUNNING!" promotes outdoor learning. The accompanying activity guide offers at-home learning associated with LIKAH's exciting discoveries when she is in the midst of her favorite physical activity... Running!   Previously released videos explored new foods and trying new and unfamiliar  (and what appears to be scary)  things.  “PIES” and “THE WATER BOWL”. 

This week's video release "RUNNING!" promotes outdoor learning. The accompanying activity guide offers at-home learning associated with LIKAH's exciting discoveries when she is in the midst of her favorite physical activity... Running!   Previously released videos explored new foods and trying new and unfamiliar  (and what appears to be scary)  things.  “PIES” and “THE WATER BOWL”. 




The Broadway Podcast Network is bringing The Early Night Show with Joshua Turchin into its curated lineup of programming, making it the first kids/teen show on the platform’s roster, the company said. The announcement comes as BPNreleases the first episode of the cabaret/variety show’s second season, featuring Luke Islam (America's Got Talent Golden Buzzer, Mighty Ducks/Disney +), Carly Gendell (School of Rock - original Broadway cast, and The Perfect Fit), and Grace DeAmicis (Broadway’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, The Perfect Fit). https://broadwaypodcastnetwork.com/podcast/the-early-night-show-with-joshua-turchin/

Joshua Turchin is known around the entertainment industry as a multi-hyphenate; he’s a singer, actor, dancer, musician, composer, music director, accompanist, and writer. He was most recently in rehearsal for the NYC premiere of Trevor the Musical prior to the “pause” due to COVID-19. Prior to that, Joshua finished his run as the first young adult to ever be a part of a Forbidden Broadway cast and received rave reviews as a cast member in Forbidden Broadway: The Next Generation. As a musician/composer, Joshua plays more than 11 instruments, including piano, drums, guitar and ukulele and recently had his musical, The Perfect Fit, premiere at the Rave Theater Festival in NYC where it won Best Book, and received critical acclaim in the NY Times, NY Post and Wall Street Journal. He is an accomplished actor, having toured the US in two Broadway National Tours, performed as Flounder in The Little Mermaid Live-To-Film at the Hollywood Bowl, and has worked on a developmental lab of a new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, among many other professional projects. He is a regular comedy personality heard throughout the US on iHeartRadio, and his voice has been heard throughout the world on various animated series and commercials including Nick Jr. and Pixar, and several Broadway cast recordings and developmental works. He has worked as a professional accompanist in and around NYC since he was 10, including music directing at 54 Below, The Green Room 42 and more. His musical theater experience along with his naturally charismatic personality and extensive work as a professional musician and host led him to write the cabaret series. 








Since its inception in 2011, SERIALS has become a hallmark of The Flea, featuring The Bats and New York’s top emerging playwrights and directors. SERIALS puts the power in the hands of the audience who votes for the top three plays to come back the following cycle with the next installments. The teams with the two least popular stories must likewise come back the following week, but with entirely different serialized plays. At SERIALS: ONLINE! fans will vote for their favorite three shows by ‘liking’ each video on Instagram or voting via an online form. The top three plays return next month with their next installments. Voting lasts until midnight on Tuesday, April 28.

SERIALS: ONLINE! is available to stream, free of charge, on Instagram and YouTube through May 1 at 9:00 PM. In light of COVID-19 closings, The Flea is asking our audiences to consider donating $15, the cost of a SERIALS ticket. Then sit back and enjoy the show, as many times as you like.
11) The Off Broadway Alliance
Announces Dates for the
10th Annual Off Broadway Alliance Awards

The Nominating Committee of the Off Broadway Alliance has announced important dates for the 10th Annual Off Broadway Alliance Awards: 

Nominations Announcement: Tuesday, April 28 
Winners Announcement: Tuesday, May 19, 2019 via Facebook Live
Official Reception to be Held this Fall (Date TBD) 

The Off Broadway Alliance is a non-profit corporation organized by theater professionals dedicated to supporting, promoting and encouraging the production of Off Broadway theater and to making live theater increasingly accessible to new and diverse audiences. The Alliance holds monthly meetings (currently via Zoom), and membership is open to everyone in the Off Broadway theater community.  The organization includes Off Broadway producers, theaters, general managers, press agents, and marketing professionals, and the OBA Awards honor commercial and not-for-profit productions that opened Off Broadway during the 2019-2020 season (due to the theatrical shutdown, the last eligible date for consideration was March 11, 2020).  
Nominations will be announced on Tuesday, April 28. Winners will be announced via FaceBook  at 11am on Tuesday, May 19 at OBA’s homepage: https://www.facebook.com/offbroadwayalliance
Awards will be presented in seven competitive categories: Best New Musical, Best New Play, Best Play Revival, Best Musical Revival, Best Unique Theatrical Experience, Best Solo Performance, and Best Family Show. Winners in all categories will be selected by the members of the awards committee of the Off Broadway Alliance.

In addition to the competitive awards, four Legend of Off Broadway Awards will be presented for sustained achievement in the world of Off Broadway and three new honorees will be posthumously inducted into the Off Broadway Hall of Fame. The Off Broadway Alliance will also continue its tradition of presenting the Friend of Off Broadway award, honoring a person or organization for steadfast support of the Off Broadway community. 

For more information, visit www.OffBroadwayAlliance.com
12) Works & Process at the Guggenheim
Virtual Commissions Schedule Through May 18, 2020

To financially support artists and nurture their creative process during these challenging times, Works & Process, the performing arts series at the Guggenheim, announces Works & Process Virtual Commissions. With the generosity of our board, Works & Process will grant over $40,000 in commissioning funds to artists who have been featured at Works & Process. Artists from a wide variety of genres have been commissioned to create new works, less than 5 minutes long, while observing social distancing guidelines, that will premiere on FacebookInstagram and YouTube (@worksandprocess) every Sunday and Monday at 7:30pm. 

Chris Celiz and Anthony Rodriguez kicked off the series on April 19 and 20:

Confirmed Schedule to Date:
April 26 - Kamala Sankaram and Preeti Vasudevan; April 27 - Conrad Tao
May 3 - Michael R. Jackson; May 4 - Nora Brown and Caleb Teicher
May 10 - Karma Styles and Omari Wiles; May 11 - Gus Solomons, Jr.
May 17 - LaTasha Barnes; May 18 - Evita Arce
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