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Monday, October 21, 2019

Ten Fun Things at the Circus

In celebration of the return of the The Big Apple Circus to New York City for another exciting season of circus high jinks and awe inspiring feats, we bring you this post about the best parts of the circus.

1- Animals - I love animals especially when they are doing cool things. The dog acts are really cute. I really love when they ride on horses. I loved the elephants. I miss them. I loved when the elephants painted pictures. Lions and Tiger are scary but really cool too.

2- Amazing Acts - There are some really cool acts in the circus. I like the acrobats. I also like to see a man being shot out of cannon. I really like the trapeze artist too.

3 - Beautiful costumes - Circus performers have some really pretty and colorful costumes. I really like them. In the Big Apple Circus, they even had an act where a woman kept magically changing outfits. A lot of the outfits she changed into were really pretty.

4 - Face Painting- At the circus, it's fun to get your face painted. They do some really cool face painting. Then, it looks like you are part of the circus.

5 -The Pre-Show - You get to walk around and do cool things and get really close to the performers and some of the animals. However, they do not have this at every circus which is too bad.

Mom - Here are five more fun things about the circus.

6 - Talented Performers - In the circus, you get to see things that you and the people you know can't do like walk on a highwire, fit into tiny boxes and get animals to do all sorts of cool tricks.

7- Clowns- Sometimes, clowns are really funny although some of them are funnier than others. We love their crazy antics.

8 - Food - There are so many delicious foods to try. There is popcorn, cotton candy, peanuts to name just a few.  The hard part is not eating to many of them so you don't get sick.

9- Souvenirs- There are so many things you can buy. There are shirts, books, stuffed animals and circus lights and many other things. If you are not careful, you can really spend a lot of money buying things.

10- Other people - It is fun to watch other people especially  your firiends and relatives and cute little kids and babies enjoying themselves too.

And that's our view. What do you like at the circus?

For more about this year's edition of The Big Apple Circus or to purchase tickets, visit https://bigapplecircus.com. We will bring you our view of this year's Big Apple Circus on Monday November 4.

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

All photos from previous editions of The Big Apple Circus


  1. I didn't realize that a circus was still in business. Thanks for sharing.

    1. There are at least a few that I know of but The Big Apple Circus is the best of the ones I know. Thanks for visiting Says Me Says Mom and for your comment.