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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Museum of the American Revolution

We were given free tickets to the Museum of the American Revolution for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

What: The Museum of the American Revolution

Where: 101 3rd St.
             Philadelphia, PA

Who: All ages

Me - The Museum of the American Revolution was interesting. Some of the things I remembered learning about in school, but there was a lot that I didn't learn in school. There was a whole area downstairs that was like a town from the revolutionary times. It had a tavern, and a church. There were other parts too. It was very interactive. There were old toys which you play with. There were clothes you try on like soldiers uniforms and a woman's apron and bonnet. That whole area was one of the most fun parts of the musem. There were other interactive parts throughout the rest of the museum too. For instance, there was tree called the Liberty Tree which you could touch and a place where you could smell the tea. There were lots of videos throughout the museum as well. There were also lots of pictures. Some were recogniziable people like George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, and some I didn't know. There were lots of dioramas of different events that took place during the revolution. There were a lots of other things too. There even a man who worked there whose middle name was actually Alexander because he was named after Alexander Hamilton. It's ironic that he actually ended up working at the Museum of the American Revolution. I learned a lot at the museum. It is so much more fun learning things in an interesting way in a museum or something than at school. I remember things better. and I am motivated to learn more about things that way. That's why  I really enjoyed of  the Museum of American Revolution.

Mom - The Museum of the American Revolution which opened in 2017 may not be very old, but it is already one of Philadelphia's best loved museums. It is loaded with exciting interactive activities and lifelike dioaramas that really make history come alive. Touch the Boston Liberty tree, climb aboard a replica privateer ship or get drafted into the Continental Army and these are only a small sampling of the many fun endeavors that are available to engage in at this fun museum. There is sure to be something in this impressive museum that will appeal to just about everyone. Kids from 5-12 will especially enjoy Revolutionary Place a replica revolutionary town with a church, tavern, parlor, and miltary encampment with plenty of hands on activities available to explore.  Fans of the musical, Hamilton will enjoy the whole display case devoted to the famous stateman as well as the statues of Hamilton and Burr engaged in their infamous deadly duel located right in the lobby. There are guided tours available daily and plenty of special events throughout the year. There surely is no better place to learn about the American Revolution, and  there definitely is no place more fun to learn about it.


And that's our view.

For more about hte Museum of the American Revolution visit www.amrevmuseum.org.

Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.

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