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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Classic Harbor Line Cruises

What: Classic Harbor Line
Where: Pier 62
           Chelsea Piers
            New York, New York

Who: All ages 

Our view: There are several boats in Classic Harbors Fleet. We set sail aboard the Luxury Yacht Manhattan. I wouldn't say it was actually luxurious, but it was nice and comfortable particularly below deck where there were cushions available for the seats.  However, the picturesque ride around New York City was very relaxing. The captain of the ship was a lot more entertaining and informative than he claimed he was going to be. The views were incredible particularly the view of the Statute of Liberty, a view from as close as you can possibly get to the Statute without actually visiting the island. Even children who are not old enough to appreciate the great views should enjoy the fun ride on the gently rocking waves. The occasional splash of water entertained the children and made them feel like they were on an amusement park ride. However, it wasn't a strong enough splash to make us wet as if we actually were on one. However, we would not recommend wearing good clothes. You might also want to bring a hat or jacket especially if you are going to be sitting above deck because the wind and/or sun can be strong. The whole cruise takes about 90 minutes. Our cruise was quite enjoyable. However, there were a few downsides. It is a bit pricey at $42.00 a person for both children and adults. Also, the particular cruise we went on, the Statute and Skyline only runs about once a day and not at all on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It runs at 4:45 Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; 5:15 on Sundays and on Fridays also at 2:45. However, at times this schedule varies so check before you go. Also, despite the dinner time hour, no meals are available on the cruise. Our cruise did include one complimentary beverage for each of us.Soda and juice are available as well as alcoholic beverages.  Additional drinks and/or small cheese, cracker, dried fruit, and nuts platters are available for purchase.There are other cruises available on this ship or one of Harbor Cruise Lines other ships including a Manhattan Brunch Cruise, a Sunset Champagne Cruise, and a Manhattan Architecture Cruise. These cruises generally cost more than the basic cruise which we took, however.   For more information or to book a cruise go to Classic Harbor Line.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for another Talking Topic. For more about Classic Harbor Cruise Line tune in to Monday's Talking Topic.

Disclaimer: We received complimentary tickets for a Classic Harbor Cruise Line cruise. However, the opinions expressed here are own based on our experiences sailing on a Classic Harbor Cruise Line cruise.

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