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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Tips for Tuesday - Books: The Living and the Lost and Bailey No Ordinary Cat and Misc: No Sweat

We may have been given complimentary copies for review purposes of any books and/or other products mentioned below. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

Books: The Living and the Lost and Bailey No Ordinary Cat

Today we are recommending The Living and the Lost by Ellen Feldman. As children, Millie (Meike) Mosbach and her brother, David escaped from Nazi  Germany leaving their parents and younger sister behind. Now, they are both back in Germany. Millie working in denazification and David helping displaced people build new lives during the day and secretly engaging in more dangerous activities at night.  Haunted and shamed by her past, the hardest person for Millie to forgive may just be herself. This is a poignant novel about the destructiveness of hate. Both hatred for one's fellow man and hated for one's self. Millie's journey in this novel shows us that is only when we move past hatred can we truly begin to heal.

Today we are recommending Bailey No Ordinary Cat by Erin Merryn. Before there was a cat named Carrot, see our previous review Tips for Tuesday - Books: Diary of a Cat Named Carrot, there was a cat named Bailey. Bailey became a part of Erin's life when she was in college and was with her throughout many of her life's milestones including her marriage and the births of her daughters. His adventures with his human sisters were captured on Instagram at bailey_no_ordinary_cat and in a viral video as well as in the pages of this heartwarming book. The book lovingly displays through pictures not only the personality of this extraordinary cat but the love and trust between a family and their beloved pet. Anyone who has ever truly loved an animal will relate to and be extremely touched by this book. It is of short length and full of pictures with very short captions making it a very quick read and perfect for any age as even very small children can enjoy looking at the pictures.

Misc.: No Sweat

Today we are recommending No Sweat. Don't you hate it when you wear a hat on a hot day or while engaging in strenuous activities and the sweat keeps dripping into your eyes? Now, with No Sweat patented headwear liners, that is no longer an issue. These disposable hat liners are easy to attach to any hat and just throw away when you are done with them. They absorb the sweat and keep it off of your skin and out of your eyes. They don't make it any cooler (as it relates to the temperature not as it relates to fashion) wearing a hat on a hot day but they do make it more sanitary and less grossly sticky and sweaty. 

For more about No Sweat or to purchase, go to nosweatco.com

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Where-To-Go Wednesday

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