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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Geometric Properties at Artechouse NYC

We were given complimentary tickets to Artechouse for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own. 

What: Geometric Properties at Artechouse NYC 

Where: 439 W. 15th St. 
             New York, NY

Who: Tweens and Up
When: Through September 6, 2021

Me - Artechouse was very original. It was full of color and light. It was pretty, but it could be a bit overwhelming with all the noise and color and lights. It was also hard to get the app to work. My favorite part was these pictures that turned into other things when you looked through the app. One of them turned into a fireworks display. I really enjoyed that. There was another area where you could move a picture around just by waving your hands over a sensor. It was fun to do but I really didn't understand the point. Also, it was hard. Artechouse was interesting but I would have liked it better if I understood more about it. 

Mom - Artechouse is an interactive art installation. The current exhibit at Artechouse in New York City is called Geometric Properties. It was created by the artist, Julius Horsthuis. It is all about colors and shapes and interacting with them and changing them. There are few different aspects to the exhibit and different ways in which to interact with each of them. All of them are full of beautiful colors and interesting shapes mostly geometric except for one section which is a virtual representation of a beverage bar. There are several smaller sections of the exhibit where you can manipulate pictures in different ways. The largest part of the exhibit involves rapidly changing extremely colorful geometric designs that continuously morph into different colors, shapes, and sizes.  It can be a bit overwhelming at times particularly for anyone who has sensory issues especially since there is also extremely loud music playing throughout the exhibit However if that doesn't bother you, you might enjoy this fascinating exhibit. People who crave constant audio and/ or visual stimulation would likely appreciate the exhibit the most. 

And that's our view. For more information or to purchase tickets to Artechouse NYC, visit www.artechouse.com/location/nyc. There are also other Artechouse installations in Washington DC and Miami Beach. For more about those go to www.artechouse.com.

Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday. 

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