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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Tips for Tuesday - Books: Safe in My Arms & Music: Lillias White Get Yourself Some Happy

 We may have been complimentary copies or access to one or more of any books and/or other products mentioned below for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

Books: Safe in My Arms

Today we are recommending Safe in My Arms by Sara Shepard. Andrea, Ronnie, and Lauren meet at the Welcome Breakfast for their children's exclusive preschool. All of them are hiding big secrets. They each receive a threatening note implying that they and their children aren't welcome at the school. When they break into the school director, Piper's office to try to find out what's going on,  Piper shows up and ends up being attacked.  Andrea, Ronnie, and Lauren are the prime suspects. However, Piper may have been hiding secrets of her own. This intriguing mystery will keep you wanting to read. Even though they are a lot of characters, and there is quite a lot going on, the characters are very well-differentiated, and it's easy to keep track of them all. The characters are unique and interesting. Andrea is a mother who used to be a father, Ronnie is a mother to her own niece whom she kidnapped, and Lauren is a mother who is suffering from a particularly violent form of postpartum depression. The ending has a loose end or two that doesn't make complete sense but is mostly it's satisfactory. Over all, it's a fun read. 

Music: Lillas White Yourself Get Happy

Today we are recommending Lillias' White's new album, Get Yourself Some Happy. If you were lucky enough to see Lillias White in her Tony-winning turn in The Life or in one of her many other Broadway roles, you know what a strong beautiful voice she has. She was also the voice of  Calliope in the Disney movie, Hercules among other things. Now, she has put together a new album of Happy Songs literally. The song include Happy Together, Put on a Happy Face, You've Made Me So Very Happy, and more. Of course, not all of the songs have happy in the title. There are also other songs like Accentuate the Positive, The Twist, and more. The album is a mix of show tunes and popular music all sung in Lillias' own unique jazzy style. The album certainly delivers on what it promises as it's mostly full of upbeat joyful songs with a ballad or two thrown in as well. If you don't have enough happiness in your life, get this album and share some of Lillias White's.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Where-To-Go Wednesday.

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