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Monday, June 7, 2021

Great Reasons to See Come From Away!

As we wait for Broadway to reopen with the shows now scheduled to reopen as early as September 2, this is the third post in our series, Great Reasons to See... focusing on different shows returning to Broadway or coming to Broadway soon.

Here are some great reasons to see Come From Away!

1)  The talented actors who make up the cast effortlessly float in and out of a variety of roles at a moment's notice.

2) The music that will stir your emotion in a wide variety of ways.

3) The story is heartwarming.

4) The story is inspirational.

5) The story is ultimately uplifting.

6) It shines a light on a bright spot in what was mostly a very dark period in history.

7) It focuses on the good in humanity.

6) It teaches us about the kind of world we all should want to live, a world where people support each other and care about each other and take care of each other and don't only care about themselves.

And that's our view. Come From Away returns to Broadway on September 21, 2021.For our original review of this show go Theater Thursday - Come From Away. For more information on the show or to purchase tickets go to comefromaway.com.

To find out more about other returning and/or upcoming Broadway shows go to What to See On Broadway.

Tune in tomorrow Tips for Tuesday.

Photo credits:  Come From Away original cast production photo by Matthew Murphy

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