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From now on this blog will be mostly mom with occasional contributions from my daughters and maybe even my husband.
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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Theater Thursday - Elevator Pitch

What: Elevator Pitch

Where: On Tiktok at @elevatorpitchcomedy or at Facebook at www.facebook.com/elevpitch

Who: All ages

Parallel Exit is a theater troop known for family-friendly fun fare. During the pandemic when live performances were unavailable to them, they created Elevator Pitch. Elevator Pitch is a series of very short physical comedy videos. They are meant to be able to be watched in about the time it would take you to ride in an elevator thus the name. Most of these videos contain no spoken dialogue so they can be enjoyed by anyone even if they have hearing problems and/or don't understand English. The videos cover a wide range of subjects including ones depicting a person discovering a vacuum for the first time, a winter striptease, the tribulations of an inept assassin, and more. It's all completely innocent and family-friendly despite how some of it may sound from the descriptions and/or titles. They are perfect for when you only have a little bit of time and want to watch something short and funny.  Not all the videos are equally as fun, however, so you may have to weed through some to find one you like depending on your taste. Still, if you are a fan of physical comedy, you are sure to find at least some episodes that you enjoy. The series can currently be found on TikTok, but if don't have that or you want to see more episodes older episodes can be found on Facebook.

For more information about Parallel Exit, visit parallelexit.com. To view episodes of Elevator Pitch go to  @elevatorpitchcomedy or www.facebook.com/elevpitch.

And that's our view. Tune in Sunday for this week's Sunday Scoop.

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