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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Alstede Farms

What: Alstede Farms 

Where: 1 Alstede Farms Lane
              Chester, NJ 

 Who: All ages

Many of us think of farms as entertaining places to go only during the Halloween season, and at other times, you only go there to pick and/or buy fruits and vegetables. While the latter can be fun too, it's not as fun. Some farms don't confine the excitement of a farm visit to just one season, however. Alstede Farms is one such farm. They offer fun activities and events almost the whole year round except maybe in the Winter. They recently finished their Spring Festival season, and are now into their Pick Your Own seasons starting with strawberry picking season. 

Even in picking season, there are plenty of other compelling activities to participate in at Alstede Farms. There is a hay wagon to ride and a hay pyramid to climb to name just a couple of the activities they offer. There are even a few special rides just for the little ones including pony rides and wagon rides.

There are adorable animals to see like goats, donkeys, and bunnies as well as numerous birds including ducks, turkeys, and peacocks. You can even feed the animals. You can either purchase feed bags of apples and carrots at the farm market or buy food pellets from one of the many animal feed vending machines scattered around the farm.  

Although no outside food is allowed at the farm, there is plenty to eat. In addition to the farm stand, there is the Hen House restaurant which offers snacks and hot meals The corndogs they offer are really tasty.  There is a homemade ice cream stand too where you may even get to try a crazy new flavor like Honey Lavender. Sometimes, there may be live music playing while you sit and eat your food or as you walk around the farm.

Without a doubt, Alstede Farms is a terrific venue for a visit in almost any season. It's a great place to go for a day out with the family. For more information about what crops are available for picking when, or what's going on at the farm or anything else, or to purchase tickets online, visit 

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.

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