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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Tips for Tuesday - Books: Two Little Girls and Misc: Go Girl Designs

We may have been given one or more of the books or other products listed below for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

Books: Two Little Girls

Mom - Today I am recommending Two Little Girls by Frances Vick. Ten year olds, Kirsty and Lisa are best friends but Lisa is prone to telling lies. One day when Lisa doesn't come home, Kirsty repeats lies that Lisa has told her  and a man who has been a boarder in Lisa's home is accused and convicted of her murder. However, Kirsty is never really sure that he actually committed the crime and years later she is determined to find out what really happened and set things right. This book is a gripping psycholgical thriller about memories. It asks the questions do we really remember what we think we remember and examines how easy it easy to manipulate memories. It does so in a facinating story with a chilling conclusion that you will never seen coming. 

Misc: Go Girl Designs

Mom - Today I am recommending Go Girl Designs. Go Girl Designs are bracelet hair ties holders. However, these bracelet hair ties holders are different than other similiar products we have tried. They do not look like products that were just made to hold hair ties. They are beautifully designed and really make nice fashionable jewelry. They come with hair bands with little bangles attached which makes them look even more like regular jewelry than just hair band holders. Similiar hair bands with bangles attached are available for purchase in different colors. They are made well of sturdy material and not just flimsy plastic. The have products for both young girls and adults, and the adult sizes fit well and do not have to be jammed on. Go Girl Designs came in a variety of styles at a variety of price ranges. For more information or to make a purchase, visit https://gogirldesign.com/

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Where-To-Go Wednesday


  1. The Two Little Girls book sounds like it will be very interesting. I enjoy reading thrillers that keep you guessing the most

    1. Me too! Thanks for visiting Says Me Says Mom and for your comment.