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Friday, January 18, 2019

Funtivity Friday - Fun and Games at BroadwayCon

At BroadwayCon they played a lot of fun games. The games were mostly adapted from game shows and things. Most of these games can also be played at home. If you don't want to play Broadway related games, you can play with any category that appeals to you.

1) Pictionary - In this game, one team member had to draw Broadway related objects. The others had to guess what they were.

2) Name That Tune - In this game the object was to guess songs from Broadway shows.

3) Broadway Trivia  - In this game, the object was to answer Broadway related questions. As an added bonus, this game even included an actual onstage marriage proposal.

4) There was a game where they were given a Broadway related subject and they had to name as many things as they could think of that fit the subject in a given amount of time.

5) There was a game where they were given cards related to Broadway shows and they had to put them in the right order according to whatever criteria they were given.

6) There was a game where they had to put in a mouthguard and say a Broadway related phrase and their teammate had to guess the phrase.

7) There was also BroadwayCon Feud which was just like the game show except at the end of the bonus round they gave all the possible answers and not just the top ones.             

All in all, there were a lot of fun and hilarious games played at BroadwayCon.

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