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Monday, February 16, 2015

Let's Talk About TV Themes

Me - TV themes, wow! My Mom has a bunch of CDs with old TV themes from when she was younger. I like to listen to them. I love old TV shows and some of them have really great theme songs. One that I really like is Underdog. My Dad says it better than it sounds on the CD though. I also really like The Partridge Family, The Flintstones and Gilligan's Island. Of course, I used to love the theme song from Full House just like I loved the show. Now, I am more into Boy Meets World and How I Met Your Mother. I also love all the Disney Show theme songs not the current ones except for Girl Meets World but the ones from when I used to watch Disney Channel a lot like The Wizards of Waverly Place, Good Luck Charley, and Hannah Montana. I also like ones from the Nickelodeon shows; Victorious, I-Carly, and How to Rock even though the show How to Rock didn't last that long. I havethe theme songs of  most of the older Disney shows that I liked on CDs. For a while,  would always listen to my Mom's TV theme song CD's in the car so I could learn more of them. I really wanted to listen to them because I was really interested in old TV shows and their theme songs. When we listened to the songs, I wrote down the name of the shows.At that time,  my favorite TV theme song  was Full House, of course.  When I am older, I hope to buy a CD of TV theme songs from when I was a kid and share it with my children.

Mom - I have always loved TV Theme songs. I have a whole collection of CDs of TV Themes songs. I like the ones with words better because it is fun to sing along with them, but some of the ones without words are nice too. I actually had two books of TV theme songs, and in them  I found that a lot of theme songs that you never knew had words actually did including such shows as Bewitched and The Munsters. I do not know if any of these words were actually ever used on the show except on I Love Lucy where Ricky once sang the theme song to Lucy on the show. They have had good theme songs in almost every decade. I am not really that familiar with those from before the 60s, but from the 60s the ones  I especially like include The Patty Duke show,  and  the original Sesame Street theme. From the 70s ones I really like include The Partridge Family, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Josie and the Pussycats. From the 80s among others I like are Gimmee A Break, Who's the Boss, Family Ties and Cheers. From the 90's I like Ally McBeal and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. A favorite from the 00s is Monk and so far in the 10s I like Raising Hope (a theme song of few words). Instrumental theme songs I really like include The Dick Van Dyke Show, Benson, Hill Street Blues, and Thirtysomething.I have also really liked theme songs from shows that have not lasted very long, such as, Love Sidney, Me and Maxx and Angie. The short-lived series Paper Dolls had a nice instrumental theme.  I think my favorite theme song of all is actually the one from Angie. It was called Different Worlds. Maureen McGovern sang a long version of it which played on the radio. Nowadays, a lot of shows like Glee, for instance, don't really have theme songs they just get right into the show. I don't really like that trend because if TV theme songs really go the way of the dinosaur I will miss them. There is nothing so catchy as good TV theme song.

And that's our view. What is your favorite TV theme song?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

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