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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fun Books and Music for Small Children by Sandra Boynton

 Me - Sandra Boynton, wow! When I was little, I didn't have many Sandra Boynton books, but I loved the ones I had. They were some of my favorite books. When my sister was little she had a whole bunch. She also had Sandra Boynton CDs. One of our favorites was Snuggle Puppy which was a story and song about a little puppy and its mother. Once when I was little we were in the car, and we listened to Snuggle Puppy like 8 times in a row. Another favorite was Fifteen Animals which was also a song and book. It is about a guy who has fifteen pets. He says he has given each pet a special name. However, really all of them are named Bob except his turtle who is named Simon James Alexander Ragsdale III. Sandra Boynton's books and songs are really funny that's why I still love them even though I'm older. So if you have a little kid, then you and your kid would love these books and CDs.

Mom - One of my favorite children's authors is Sandra Boynton. My children grew up on her books and we all really loved them. They are so funny. Some of our favorites were:

 But Not the Hippopotamus
Snuggle Puppy
Ooh Baa La La
Hippos Go Berserk
A lot of them are pretty easy to read too. My niece read Red Hat, Green Hat to me when she was 2 years old.. When my kids were little they loved Sandra Boynton. Even now, Aurella is not quite ready to part with her favorites. When she finally does I will be sad too. We also have four Sandra Boynton CDs and books that go along with them that have funny pictures and all the words to all the songs. The CDs and books are called :
Rhinoceros Tap
Dog Train
Philadelphia Chickens
Blue Moo
The songs are really funny too. Songs include:

The Crabby Song
 I Need A Nap
 Wave Bye-Bye
 Singing in the Shower
Most of the songs were made just for the CD, but some are directly related to the books. There is a song and book Fifteen Animals. There is a song and book Belly Button. There is a song and book Pajama Time. There is a song and book Snuggle Puppy. These are just a few examples. Anyway, if you have little kids and you want to get books that you won't get sing of reading over and over again I would highly recommend Sandra Boynton. 

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Funny Friday.

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