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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tips for Tuesday- Misc. : Guest Post: Get the Bling

The following is a Guest Post and the views expressed may not necessarily reflect the view of Says Me Says Mom.
Tips for Tuesday: Get the Bling
If we generally talk about Tuesdays, there is nothing exciting about them; for they are just the second day of the long week ahead, and they come right after Monday. Who needs more reasons to despise Tuesdays, right? But take a look at this blog and your Tuesdays will not be the same anymore.
This week’s Tuesday tip: “Get and wear all that shines.”  If you’re doing fashion, without adding any bling accessories to it, then you’re probably doing it all wrong. For a fashion forward Tuesday, here are some quick tips, about how to accessorize casually, with all that glitters. So as to keep this Tuesday shiny, keep an eye on accessories which are neither too much, nor too little; what you need to do is, strike a subtle statement by keeping the shine only where it is needed.
Here’s how you can do so!
Bling Bangle:
There is so much that can be done with bangles, and the best part is you can wear them both ways, casually and formally. The best way to accessorize a casual outfit without ruining its comfy charm is to wear some bangles and bracelets which can keep your outfit balanced. Talk about trends, almost every fashionista is wearing watches with some added sparkle through stylish accessories like bracelets and rings. You can wear something as casual as a tank top with a pair of your favorite jeans and sneakers and keep it stylish through chain bracelets, rings and bangles.
All that glitters:
If you still haven’t tried the cuffing-up-your-ear-with-a-sparkly sass fad, then the time is now to give this trend a try. Celebrities, runways and almost everyone is now a part of the ear-cuff club. So for this Tuesday, get your hands on a pair or just a single piece of ear cuff and look fabulous without much effort. If you’re keeping it casual, look for ear cuff that are not too big, for formal wears, something statement-setting is not a bad idea. A single ear cuff can take your overall look from bland and boring to edgy and glamorous.
A tattoo tale:
If you’re not much of an all-black tattoo lover, then there’s good news for you; tattoos are not just inked and ugly anymore. Since last year, we’ve seen these shiny-tats that are nothing but uber-chic and lovely. Gone are the days, when getting a tattoo puts a good-girl-gone bad label on you, these metallic tattoos are now a part of fashion. If you are the kind of person who just doesn’t like to wear any extra accessories, then wearing some of these tattoos in gold or silver will do the trick.
These are just some ideas to glam up your Tuesdays this week. If you think you can give this whim of yours a shiny twist in some other way then go ahead and let your style intuition sprinkle some magic. There are no such rules when it comes to accessorizing; shoes, bags jewelry just about anything can be taken to another level with a little bling.  
Author Bio
Sheerin Jafri is a passionate lifestyle and fashion blogger. She writes for Sophie & Trey. Follow @sheerin jafri to get more updates.
Tune in tomorrow for Where-To-Go Wednesday.

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