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Monday, March 31, 2014


Me - Rain, wow! I hate rain. I am afraid of lightening because it can kill me. Thunder scares my sister. Even when it is not a thunderstorm the rain ruins my hair. I don't like big storms, but I don't mind light rain. I know rain is necessary so that plants and flowers and trees can grow. Sometimes, it's a pain though. At my parents wedding, they had the ceremony outside.It was supposed to rain but luckily didn't. As soon as the last person came inside for the reception, it started to rain. Now, lots of times when we go places it rains. We have been at lots of baseball stadiums in the pouring rain especially the Newark Bears. Every time, we go there it rains except once and that time it was really hot. The first time we went there, it rained before the game. We were in the general admission section where we didn't have assigned seats. We went to get out of the rain.When we came back, there were no seats so we went home. When my mother complained, we got 8 free tickets to a future game, but they let us split into two games so my Mom, Dad, sister and I could each go to two games. So I guess some times the rain serves a purpose.

Mom -In general, I am not fond of the rain.  I especially hate thunderstorms. Even though I know it is only the lightening that can hurt you and not the thunder, the thunder is always startling. Kids are always afraid of the thunder too. My younger daughter is also afraid of fireworks. To a young child, it can sound a lot like thunder. I know we need rain, but I hate the rain. I like when it rains when I am at home, and I don't have anywhere to go. One summer when I was working, every day when I was at work we had a thunderstorm. I didn't mind that because it never rained while I was on my way to work, and it never rained when I was on my way home. The nice thing about the rain is nice rainboots (boots are a kind of shoe, of, course, and I love shoes!) and cute umbrellas. They really have a lot of cute umbrellas for kids. My daughter had a duck umbrella when she was little. She loved ducks, and she loved that umbrella. Unfortunately, she ended up losing it by leaving it somewhere. I always used to like light little umbrellas that you can carry in a pocketbook or something. However, when my younger daughter was in kindergarten and we walked all the way to school every day a bunch of times in the rain we got soaked because our umbrellas kept getting blown inside out. Finally, we got a couple of heavy duty umbrellas. They are great in the rain even when it's really windy because they don't blow inside out as much. The problem is they are a pain in the neck to carry around especially when you don't have any babies or little kids with strollers you can store them in. So it's clear that no matter which way you look at it, the rain it's plain is mainly a pain.

And that's our view. What is your least favorite kind of weather?

Tune in tomorrow for  Tips for Tuesday.

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