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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tips for Tuesday - Books: Confessions of An Almost Movie Star and Live to Tell

Me - Today I am recommending Confessions of an Almost Movie Star by Mary Kennedy. It is a book about a girl named Jessie who goes along with her friend who is auditioning for a movie that is being shot in their hometown. She ends up getting the lead role. Through her experience working on the movie, she learns who and what is really important and who and what is not. You should read this book.

Mom - Today I am recommending Live to Tell by Lisa Gardner.  Live to Tell is the story of two women just struggling to survive. Danielle is the sole survivor of a family tragedy. Victoria is a mother forced to raise her troubled son on her own. When incidents occur that echo the murder of Danielle's family each woman as well as Victoria's son will all be in the path of danger.  If you enjoy a real page turner of a mystery, this is a good book for you.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Where-To-Go Wednesday.