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Monday, March 17, 2014

Kernel Seasons

Me - Kernel Seasons, wow! Kernel Seasons makes flavoring that's mostly used for popcorn. We got to try a bunch of different Kernel Seasons flavors. Bacon Cheddar was one of my favorites. It tastes a lot like bacon and cheddar which is good because that it what it is supposed to taste like. Butter wasn't as good. It takes a lot of flavoring to get a taste out of it, and even then it is pretty plain. Caramel is good. It is sweet, but it also takes a lot to really taste the flavor. Garlic Parmesan is very good. It has a strong taste. It tastes a lot like Garlic Cheddar. Kettle corn is good and sweet. It is also needs a lot of flavoring to get the taste. Nacho Cheddar is one of my favorites, and one of the first ones I ever tried. It is very very cheesy. Ranch is also strong, and even though you wouldn't expect it to be very good it is. White Cheddar is another one of the first ones I ever had. It is very good and cheesy. If you mix all the flavors together, you get one strong sweet tasting flavor. You should definitely try Kernel Seasons flavorings, they're delicious.

Mom- If you're like me and you love popcorn, it is hard to believe that anything that tastes that good can be made even better, but it truly can. Recently, we have had the opportunity to try Kernel Seasons popcorn flavorings and they were delicious. Whether you like sweet, savory, cheesy, bacony or whatever there is a flavoring for you. The Bacon Cheddar  flavor has a strong bacony tasty. The Caramel flavor has just a hint of sweetness but not too much. The Garlic Parmesan is really strong and garlicky. The Kettle Corn is slightly sweet too. The Nacho Cheese and White Cheddar each have a really strong cheesy flavor. However, each of them has a really different flavor than the other. The Ranch has a strong creamy herb flavor. The only flavor I didn't really like is, surprisingly, the butter flavor. It didn't really have a strong flavor and didn't really taste buttery at all. The flavors are good in combination too. When we mixed all the flavors together the garlic taste stood out the most. However, the flavorings can be combined in any number of combinations. The seasonings are also good on other foods besides popcorn as well. So far, we have tried the Nacho Cheese on potatos. the Ranch on pizza, and the white cheddar on vegetables. All were good. All were suggestions on the Kernel Seasons packages. However, you can really try any of the seasonings on anything. They are really versatile and a good thing to have around the house whenever you want to add a little flavor to any food.

And that's our view. What is your favorite flavor to add to food?

Disclosure: We were given Kernel Seasons free to try. The opinions expressed here are our own based on our experiences using the samples.