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Monday, March 10, 2014


Me- Couches,wow! I like sitting on couches. In my house, we have a couch in the living room and we also have a love seat. It is comfortable. On the love seat, I always seat in the cushion on the right. That is my spot. Both my cats like to sit there too. I don't like when they or anyone else takes my spot. I don't know why I like that spot. I just do. I think that the back of our love seat is much more comfortable than the back of our couch. Our old couch was uncomfortable. There were only two comfortable spots. The corner was comfortable. Also, there was a recliner that pulled out and that was comfortable too. The old couch was really ugly. My grandmother has a really nice leather couch. It is really comfortable. She used to have a different couch. It is got a rip in it so now we have it in our basement. It is completely uncomfortable. In fact, it is the most uncomfortable couch ever.  I hate uncomfortable couches.

Mom- It is so hard to find a really comfortable  couch. Before I was married and before I had kids for the longest time, I had this one couch. My parents got it for me on barter when I got my first apartment. I still had even long after I was married and had kids. It was moderately comfortable. Eventually,we had to get rid of it because it smelled too much from our cat. After that we had this ugly blue couch.We got it because the price was right. Someone gave it to us. It was very uncomfortable.When you sat on it, it felt like you were sinking down to the floor. There was only one comfortable place in the corner of the couch. When I finally got used to sitting in that spot and started to like that spot, we got a new couch. That couch is pretty comfortable but even though we have had for over a year, I haven't been able to find a spot I really love on it. Melia  has a spot she loves in the corner of the matching love seat. Our cat, Gigi used to love to sit in the corner of couch . She was like Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory. She did not like when anyone else sat in her spot. If someone sat there, she would stand there and glare at them until they moved. Our cats that we have now, don't really care where they sit, they just love to lie on the couch or the love seat and curl up and go to sleep.  Our  couch and love seat, both have a  lot of pillows that go on them. The pillows are pretty comfortable but  the kids and cats are always knocking them all on to the floor so they are always having to be put back and straightened up.That is kind of annoying. My Mom has the most comfortable couch in the world, it is really soft leather. Oh well, maybe some day, I'll  have a really super comfortable couch too.

And that's our view. What kind of couch do you like?

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