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Thursday, March 20, 2014


Me- Luck, wow! I am very lucky because I actually won an I-Pod Touch from a claw machine at Six Flags Great Adventure. I am really good at claw machines. I can always get the toy I want and sometimes even two toys. My sister and I once won tickets to a Lakewood Blueclaws game and we got to meet the mascot, Buster and throw out first pitches. We won that by submitting a question for the mascot to the kids clubs newsletter. We have had a lot of luck at baseball games. Once at the Trenton Thunder, I was the fan of the day. I got to on the field. I got to play catch with the mascots. I got to pet the bat retrieving dogs. I got to throw out a first pitch. I got a hat. I got my picture in the paper. At least two other times, I got to play on the field games at the Trenton Thunder. Once at the Somerset Patriots, we won a seat upgrade. At the Newark Bears, a player gave me a bat that he hit a three run homer with. I have had a lot of luck, but not as much as my Mom. She wins things all the time. However, she never won anything as great as an I-Pod Touch. Most of the time I love the way that luck works.

Mom- I never used to be lucky. I never won anything except once I won a t-shirt from a radio station. The grand prize was a trip to the pro bowl in Hawaii. I had no idea what the pro bowl was at the time, but a trip to Hawaii sounded nice because at the time I had never been there. I also once won a bag of New York Mets stuff when I was mad at the Mets because they had traded my favorite player. At the time, I didn't want anything to do with the Mets or their stuff. Since, I have started blogging I have become much luckier. I have won lots of things on blogs: a coat for my daughter, videos, lots and lots of books, Amazon gift codes and $50.00 in Paypal money to name just a few. I have also become lucky in other ways. I have actually won things from sweepstakes, such as, one from Skinny Cow and one from Subway and one from Blue Bunny ice cream. I have never won the grand prize though usually just a coupon for free food or something. I did win an I-Pod shuffle from Blue Bunny though. I have won Yankee tickets and theater tickets. I win things at baseball stadiums too. I won tickets to the Aquarium and I won lottery tickets and once we won a seat upgrade. I have never won anything major like a trip or the lottery or anything though. My Mom won two trips. She won a trip to the Atlanta Olympics and she won a trip to Florida. When she won the trip to Florida, my brother and sister and I were all grown up but none of us was married or had kids yet. My Mom and Dad paid for two extra airfares and one extra hotel room, and we all got to go to as did my cousin who lived with us at the time. The hotel was supposed to be a resort, but it was more like a dive. I would love to win a trip to Disney in Florida or California. My kids really want to go there, but it's just not in the budget. I have been lucky, and I have been unlucky. On the whole. it's better to be lucky.

And that's our view. How is your luck?

Tune in tomorrow for Funny Friday.