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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Oscars 2014

Me - The Oscars 2014, wow! The Oscars were not that funny. It was much funnier last year. Ellen DeGeneres was not that funny. No offense to her. I think she was trying too hard. I am so glad Frozen won best animated picture. Let It Go is my favorite song. I'm glad it won best song. At first, when John Travolta said Adele Dazeem was going to sing the song I thought that there was something wrong because I knew Idina Menzel was supposed to sing it. I think that John Travolta will be teased for a long time after that and so far he has already been teased a lot. I'm glad Idina really did sing it. She sang it better in the movie though. I felt like she was rushing it too much during the Oscars. I only saw about one other movies that was even nominated for an Oscar. There are a bunch I would like to see, however, like American Hustle,  Philomena, and Her. The fashion just keeps getting worse. Every award show it gets worse. I rarely ever see a beautiful dress and say "Wow, I wish I had that." I think the dresses are fancy but they are just not beautiful. Over all, I think that the Oscars could have been much better even though I did enjoy them.

Mom - The Oscars 2014 was kind of boring. Ellen DeGeneres had her funny moments, but over all, I didn't think she was that funny. Her ordering of pizzas in the middle of the show seemed like a blatant imitation of Kate Dennings and Beth Behrs feeding people burgers and fries during the Golden Globes ,and it made more sense for them since their characters on TV are waitresses. It seemed like most of Ellen's jokes didn't relate that much to the movies that were up for awards. It is funnier when they do.  The fashions were mostly kind of boring. There was nothing outrageously bad, but there was nothing I loved either. My favorite outfit of the night was on the companion of John Ridley, winner of best adapted screenplay for 12 Years a Slave. I am not sure if she was his wife, his girlfriend, just a friend, a relative or whatever, but she had  on this really pretty purple dress. Of course, since purple is my favorite color I am probably biased. Most of the other dresses that I remember were not very colorful or at least they weren't very memorable except for Lupita Nyong'o's dress which was  a beautiful blue. Although I was successfully able to predict the winners of most of the awards, I did not actually see most of the movies that were up for awards. I did see Captain Phillips, a good movie, which did not win any awards and  I saw The Great Gatsby, a bad movie, which won two awards. The Great Gatsby was deserving of the awards it won, however, since they were for costumes and production design. I also saw Frozen, which won best animated film and best song for Let It Go. While, it was deserving of those awards I also enjoyed Despicable Me 2 which I also saw and Happy, the song from that as well. I don't think I saw any of the other movies yet, but I now have a long list of movies that I would like to see. Among the movies, I would now like to see are 12 Years a Slave, Philomena, Her, American Hustle, Dallas Buyers Club and Twenty Feet from Stardom. Some of these movies won awards including Twenty Feet from Stardom, winner of best documentary for a movie about backup singers, and some did not, but nevertheless I would like to see them all.

And that's our view. What is your favorite movie which was nominated for or won a 2014 Oscar?

Tune in tomorrow for Funny Friday.