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Monday, March 24, 2014

What would I do if I won the lottery?

Me- Winning the lottery, wow! I would go to California and meet my cousin Katie and go to Disneyland. I would buy out Target, and Toys R Us and Five Below. I would eat out every day for lunch and dinner. I would buy a whole bunch of movies that I wanted to see. I would buy an i-pad and x-box. I would buy a bunch of CDs. I would buy a bunny. I would buy a mansion. I would hire a maid. I would hire a chauffeur. I would buy a limo. I would buy a whole bunch of beauty products. I would buy all different kinds of hair stuff. I would buy a whole bunch of desserts. I would buy a flat screen TV for my room. I would go to a bunch of amusement parks. I would get a new wardrobe. I would get a bodyguard. I would buy a bunch of reading material and fill up my bookshelves with books and magazines. I would stock up on Gatorade, ice tea and lemonade. I would get a private tutor so I don't have to go to school. I would start taking hip hop, ballet and gymnastics. I would buy a guinea pig. I would buy a new blanket and new sheets for my bed and I would buy a new bed.  Even though I will probably never win the lottery and even if I did, I wouldn't be able to get all this stuff, it is still fun to think about.

Mom - If I won the lottery, I would pay off my house and any outstanding bills. I would move into a big house with a big porch and a big driveway and lot of closets. My house wouldn't be too close to other houses but it wouldn't be in the middle of nowhere either. I would have a cleaning lady to clean my house, a gardener to take care of the lawn, and a driver to take us places. When I had to go some place special, I would hire somebody to do my hair and makeup. I would hire a personal trainer to help me get in better shape. I wouldn't get a whole new wardrobe, but I would get some new clothes and shoes. I would travel around the country and visit every state and while I was at it, I would visit every major league baseball stadium. I would introduce my kids to friends and relatives of ours that live far away, and whom they have never met. I would  go to see every Broadway and Off Broadway show. I wouldn't help every person that suddenly came out of the woodwork but I would help the friends and family that I am closest to that weren't as fortunate as I. I would donate some money to causes that help children and animals. Actually, I might or might not do all of these things. I just know one thing for sure. I would be careful with my money and not overspend it so I would never have to worry about money again.

And that's our view. What would you do if you won the lottery?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.