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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Pinkalicious The Musical

What: Pinkalicious the Musical

Where: Coming Soon to a City Near You

Who: All ages but especially girls ages 4 to 6

Our view: If your children loved Pinkalicious the book by Victoria Kann, they will love Pinkalicious the show. Pinkalicious the show stays very true to the original Pinkalicious book. The major difference is that songs have been added. The songs aren't particularly memorable. You probably won't remember a single one after you leave the theater. However, your kids will love them, and it will only add to their enjoyment of the show. The cast really plays to their audience and makes the kids feel like a part of the show. They even stand outside and shake hands and give autographs after the show. It might not be meeting a Disney princess, but it is still pretty exciting for kids who love the Pinkalicious books.  Of course, like with all kids shows there is a ton of merchandising with books, a CD from the show, and other products available for sale in the lobby. However, if you really love to seeing your kids really happy having a good time and seeing some of their favorite books characters come to live, I would highly recomend this show. To learn more about it, to find out when the show will be coming near you, or order tickets go to http://pinkaliciousthemusical.com/.

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