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Monday, October 14, 2013

At Grandma's House

Me - At Grandma's house, wow! I like going to my grandmother's house. Lately when I go there all I do is watch Netflix, which I really enjoy except for that Netflix doesn't have Full House which is the best show in the world. Whenever I go there for breakfast, I always have a bagel with butter and cream cheese and American cheese and I drink apple juice while watching TV in my Grandma's room. I always sleep in the upstairs bedroom with the big bed next to the table so I can put down my glasses and other stuff. When I was in preschool, my teacher asked if I wanted her to clean my glasses and I said "No, my Grandma does that." When my cousins come over too so much goes on I can barely describe it. My older girl cousin does her own thing. My older boy cousin plays sports with some of the adults. My younger boy cousin begs me to play with him.  Aurella plays with a couple of our younger girls cousins and our youngest boy cousin. I play with my adorable baby cousin. Sometimes, if it's just our first cousins, my two older cousins, and I use the term loosely because one of them is only two months older than me to the day. still do the same things or sometimes the two of them hangout with each other. I hangout with my younger boy cousin or my younger girl cousin and Aurella. Often they both want to hangout with me. If I am hanging out with my younger boy cousin than Aurella still hangs out with my younger girl cousin. On rare occasions, we all hang out and get along together. I love going to my Grandma's.

Mom - When I was young both my grandmother's lived in the City. Our whole family would go to stay with my Mom's mom a lot. I liked to play behind the couch in Grandma's living room. I also like to play with the fake birds in Grandma's bird cage. It had once held a real bird that belonged to me but the cleaning lady let it out, and it flew away.  At night when I was supposed to be sleeping, I would play with Grandma's makeup and perfume bottles and pretend they were people. I stayed at my other Grandmother's a lot too, but usually either by myself or with my cousin.. We would go to see shows and things. I would stay up until 11:00 watching TV which was a big deal at the time. When I came home and my Mom asked how late I had stayed up, I would always say "I forgot." When my cousin came too, we liked to dress up in our grandmother's clothes. Also, we liked to play that we were world travelers. I was always named Julie and she was always named Alicia. Our grandmother was the hotel manager, maid, waitresses or whoever we needed in our game. Later, both my grandmothers moved closer to us. I still visited them a lot. I liked to go shopping with my Mom's mom. Sometimes, my Dad's Mom and I could just sit and talk for hours. We also used to go to the theater in New York together a lot. Both my grandmother's are long gone now.  My Mom's mom died when I got out of college. My Dad's Mom died when Aurella was a baby. I really miss them both and the good times I used to have going to visit them.

And that's our view. What are your favorite memories of your Grandmother's house?

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