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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Johnson Park and the Johnson Park Zoo

What: Johnson Park and the Johnson Park Zoo

Where: River Road
            Piscataway, NJ

Who: All Ages

Our view: A view weeks ago, we talked about county parks. A nice county park that we have been to is Johnson Park in Middlesex County, New Jersey. There are lots of things to do in Johnson Park. There are playgrounds. There are picnic areas with barbeques. Some of the picnic areas require reservation. Some do not. There are bike paths and all kinds of sport fields. There is even a zoo. The zoo has been there for many years. The mom half of this blog used to go there when she was a kid. At that time, the zoo even had a bear named Monty. Monty is long gone, and there don't seem to be any more bears at the park. However, over all, the zoo is bigger and seems to have a lot more animals than it did back then. It is not, however a huge zoo, and it is really nice starter zoo for small children who may not have the attention span for a larger zoo. There is also snack bar right near the zoo where you can buy snacks for yourselves or food to feed some of the animals. Johnson Park is along the Raritan River and there are also two ponds within the park. This is nice if you want to go fishing, but not necessarily so nice if you have small children running around. However, luckily not every place in the park is  located right next to the water. The zoo, for instance, is not near the water.  Also, while the zoo is small, the park itself is rather large and can be overwhelming if you have never been there before. If you are going some place specific there and you do not like large unfamiliar places you may want to check the on-line map before you go. All in all, Johnson Park is a fun place to spend a nice day.

And that's our view. For more information go to http://co.middlesex.nj.us/parksrecreation/johnson.asp. For more about the Johnson Park Zoo see tomorrow's Talking Topics post.

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