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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Where-To-Go Wednesday - American Museum of Natural History

We were given free tickets to the American Museum of Natural History for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.
What: The American Museum of Natural History

Where: Central Park W. at 79th St.
              New York, NY

Who: All ages
Me - The American Museum of Natural History was fun. There were pretty jewels, and there were birthstones that were all different colors not just one. There were a bunch of pretty  shells. There was a snowy owl like Hedwig in Harry Potter. They had the thing from the first Night at the Museum that said "Dum Dum give me gum gum!" in the movie. There was a whole exhibit on dinosaurs. Some of them were really big, and some were tiny. There was one that was just made of wires and a head because none of the rest of it had been found. There was a part of  a meteorite. It was really huge, and yet it was only a small piece of the whole meteorite.There weren't really any interactive exhibits but there were some things that you could touch as well as some touchscreens. There was a whole special exhibit on Cuba. It is a limited time exhibit. It was a lot bigger than I expected. They had information about Cuban baseball teams. They had a table that described and had pictures of different Cuban foods. They had a Cuban car. There was a lot of other things in the Cuba exhibit. They also had a special limited time Mummy exhibit.  There was a lot of other stuff at the museum too. It is huge. It is so big that we spent almost all day there, and we still didn't get to see everything. I liked that the museum had so much interesting stuff. Some of it was really cool or pretty! My favorite part of the museum was all the pretty colored birthstones. It was interesting to read some of the different information about the different things. It was unique because it is so big it has many different things. Other smaller museums often focus on one specific thing. My favorite part of the museum was all the pretty colored birthstones. Anyone would like this museum because it is so big that anyone can find something there they like.  Over all, the American Museum of Natural was really interesting and fun, and I would highly recommend going.

Mom - Most museums are small to medium size and are easy to go through in a few hours at the most, but not the American Museum of Natural History. You can literally spend any entire day at this museum and still not see everything. There are so many different things to see here that there is sure to be something that will interest everyone. Permanent exhibits at the museum include a very extensive Hall of Dinosaurs, an Earth and Planetary Sciences Hall, a Human Origins and Culture Hall and a Hall of Gems. Limited time exhibits now at the Museum include one on the Country of Cuba and one on Mummies. There is also an IMAX movie theater which shows changing 2D and 3D nature films and a planetarium which shows space shows.  Movies including the space shows and special limited time exhibits do require an extra fee in addition to the regular museum admission. You can purchase these admissions a la carte for whichever you wish to attend or you can purchase a comprehensive all-in-one ticket that will give you admission to all special exhibits and movies. Tickets for these events are also timed due to their popularity so it is best to decide on a schedule when you get to the museum or before. The American Museum of Natural History is not only very educational, it's fun. It is so interesting and enjoyable that kids might not even realize they are learning along the way. If you want a fun place to spend a day with the family that doesn't involve sand or rides, the American Museum of Natural History is a great choice.
For more information about the American Museum of Natural History visit www.amnh.org

To purchase tickets on-line visit ticketing.amnh.org.

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  1. They have so many amazing things. Now I want to peruse their site to see ahead of time what I want to look at. I think I'd be really interested in the gems

    1. Yes, it's a really fun and interest place to visit and the gems are really beautiful. Thanks for visiting Says Me Says Mom and for your comment.