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Monday, October 9, 2017

Let's Talk About Books and TV Shows About animals

Little Kid Animal Shows include:     Little Kid Animal Books include:
Pound Puppies                                  Clifford Books
My Little Pony                                   Marley Books
Littlest Pet Shop                               Henry and Mudge books

Me - I have always loved books and TV shows about animals. When I was little, I watched a lot of them. I loved Pound Puppies. It was about puppies who live in the pound and went on an adventure every episode to find an owner for a pup that is at the pound. Of course, they were always finding a home for a pup that was not a main character in the show.  I also liked a show about ponies called My Little Ponies. It was about a lot of ponies who live in Ponyville. My favorite character was a pony named Fluttershy. I could relate to her. She loved animals too. I used to love books about animals too. I loved the Clifford books. I loved the Marley books. I also liked animal books that were not in a series. I got lots of animal books from the library. I even sometimes got animal books from my school library. I once got a cat book that was based on a true story. I like animal stories that are true stories, and I also like ones that are made up.  I still love reading books about animals. Some of my current favorite are Because of Winn Dixie and Dewey the library cat. I read Because of Winn Dixie in a day because I loved it so much. Dewey the Library cat was sad especially because our cat was older and  in poor health when we read it. I don't really watch that much TV at all anymore, but I still love show about animals. I love Too Cute on Animal Planet. It is a show where they follow a few groups of baby animals as they grow. Unfortunately, it is hardly ever on. I miss it.I just love books and TV shows about animals. I just loved animals period.

Big Kids Animal TV Shows include:    Big Kid Animal Booksinclude:
Too Cute                                              Because of Winn Dixie
America's Cutest                                 Dewey the Library Cat                 
                                                            Marley a Dog Like No Other 

Mom- When I was younger, they had TV shows about made up animal characters many of which were already shown only in reruns even when I was a child.  They included Lassie, Flipper, and Gentle Ben, which was about a bear. There was even a show about a talking horse, Mr. Ed. Nowadays, there is animal planet where you can watch shows about real animal characters. I liked shows about animals, but I was never a regular viewer of any them. I was more likely to read a book about an animal than watch a TV show about one. In fact, when I was young I read a lot of books about animals. I  had a whole set of books that were about animals. The set included  Black Beauty and Misty of Chincoteague which were about horses, Rascal which was about a raccoon, Lad: A Dog,and Bambi. I am not sure if I actually read all of the books, but I know I read some of them. Other animal books I have read and enjoyed are Benji and That Darn Cat, both of which were movies as well as Socks, a book by Beverly Cleary (not a book about the Clinton's cat). When I was much younger I loved Clifford, and I enjoyed reading later Clifford books with each of my daughters when they were young. I also enjoyed reading Marley books with my younger daughter. Both of my daughters really love animals especially Aurella. She used to want to be a vet when she grows up. She has given that idea up but now she sometimes says she would like to be an animal trainer.

Classic Animal TV Shows include:    Classic Animal Books include

Lassie                                                 Black Beauty
Flipper                                                Bambi
Gentle Ben                                         Lad: A Dog

And that's our view. What is your favorite animal book or movie?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.