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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Urban Adventures - Midtown Sights and Bites Tour

We were given a free Urban Adventures Midtown Sights and Bites Tour for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

What: Urban Adventures Midtown Sights and Bites Tour

Where: Starts at the Clock
            Grand Central Terminal
            89 E. 42nd St.
            New York, NY

Who: Teens and Up
Me - Urban Adventures Midtown Sights and Bites Tour was entertaining and tasty. We explored Midtown Manhatta,  and we ate. I liked that not only did we learn interesting facts but we also got to try some food.  This food tour was different than other food tours because on most food tours that we have been on you only get to try food but on this tour we got to try  a drink too. My mom and I had hot chocolate at Simon Sips, and it was delicious! Also, on this tour, there were actually a couple of places where we got to choose what we wanted to eat. On most tours, they just give you foods to try, and you don't get a choice. We started the tour at Grand Central Station. Other places we visited included the Diamond District and Times Square and the Row. We also went to Rockefeller Center, and we passed Radio City. My favorite part of the tour was all of it. My favorite food we sampled was the pizza. I also love the hot chocolate as I said before though. Our tour guide was named Josh. He was nice. It was a small group, but they were all nice. People who love food and want to learn about Midtown Manhattan would really enjoy this tour. Urban Adventures Sights and Bites tour was really fun.
Mom - Urban Adventures offers tours all over the world. We recently had the opportunity to experience their Midtown Sights and Bites Tour in New York City. If you plan on taking this tour, come hungry and eager to learn. This tour will certain satisfy your cravings for both food and knowledge. Although there are not as many tastings over all as there are on some other tours, the portions are quite large. The group size is kept small too with no more than 12 people on a tour. On this tour, you will get to taste things like Pizza, Samsa and donuts. If you are lucky , your guide may even add in an extra tasting. You will visit such iconic locations as Grand Central Terminal, the Diamond District and Times Square. It is our understanding that our tour guide, Josh is the only guide that gives Urban Adventure Tours in New York City. He is very personable and friendly and he is willing and eager to answer not only your questions about the locations you are visiting and the foods your are tasting, but your other New York related questions as well. This is not a tour for young children because it does require a lot of walking and they probably would not like at least some of the food. However, it is fine for older children that probably are not as picky about food. All in all, it just great tour if you want to learn about Midtown Manhattan will experiencing some of the cusine available in that area.
For more information or to book a tour visit www.urbanadventures.com/new-york-midtown-sights-bites-food-tour.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thrusday.

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