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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Patriot Tours - American Revolutionary War Tour

We were given a free Patriot Tours American Revolutionary War Tour for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.
What: Patriot Tours American Revolutionary War Tour

Where: Tour Starts Broadway and Warren Street, New York, NY

Who: 10 and up
Me - Patriot Tours American Revolutionary War Tour was fascinating. It was very informational. I learned a lot. It was more fun taking the tour than learning history from a book or in school. The tour was unique because it was about a particular time in history. We went around Lower Manhattan on the tour. We went to the John Street Church but we didn't actually go in it. We went to St Paul's Church and we actually went in there. We saw a Liberty Pole. We went inside Federal Hall, and we looked at some things in there. My favorite part thing about the tour was that I got to learn a lot of things I didn't know. For instance, I learned that the drugstore chain, Duane Reade was named after people whose last names were Duane and Reade. However, they did not own the drugstore. They were people who were famous during the Revolutionary times. They each had a street named after them, and where the two streets met is where the first Duane Reade drugstore was located. The tour guide Karen was nice. We went on a tour with her once before. She has been on a lot of Mysteries of the Museum episodes. We have seen some of the ones she has been on but not all. People who are interested in the Revolutionary War period or history in general would love this tour.

Mom - When you think of the American Revolutionary War, you tend to think of places like Boston and Philadelphia, but a lot was going on in other cities at the time as well including New York City. If you want to learn more about the role New York played during this time period, you won't want to miss Patriot Tours American Revolutionary  War Tour. This tour is given by an actual historian,  unlike many other tours which are given by aspiring actors or musicians or people who really want to be doing something else. Karen Quinones, Patriot Tours owner and tour guide, has even appeared as an expert on many episodes of the Travel Channel television series, Mysteries at the Museum. Karen is extremely warm and welcoming, and her tours are both informative and entertaining. Anyone who is interested in a fun historic tour especially if they are interested in New York City and/or Revolutionary War history will enjoy this tour. For more specific details about Patriot Tours American Revolutionary War Tour, see Aurella's above post.
For further information about Patriot Tours American Revolutionary War Tour or any of their other tours or to book a tour visit patriottoursnyc.com/.

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