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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Saturday Special- Curvy Widow

What: Curvy Widow

Where: The Westside Theatre Upstairs
             470 W. 43rd St.
             New York, NY

Who: Recommended for Ages 16 and Up

When: Through November 6, 2017

Mom's view: Curvy Widow is based on the true story of Bobby Goldman, the fiesty widow of screenwriter and playwright, James Goldman. After the death of her husband, Bobby is plunged back into the world of being single and dating. Although this subject matter can be handled in  a darker and more depressing manner, thankfully it is not here. The show is more of an entertaining romp about diving headfirst into the modern world of dating after a certain age. While, there are moments of poignancy in the show, over all the show is light and happy. It is also a musical full of fun and funny songs like It's Not a Match and Gynecologist Tango. Nancy Opel is wonderful in the lead role of Bobby Goldman. A small cast of other performers does a great job in a variety of different roles. The show is not at all good for children because of the subject matter and the frank way it is dealt with.  For this reason and because of some of the choices Bobby makes in her life, the show is not good for children and may offend some particularly conservative audience members who may want to stay away from it. However, if don't fit into either of those categories, you would probably enjoy this entertaining show which is particularly well suited for Girl's Night Outs.  If you  do attend the show, you will have the opportunity to attend a talkback with the real Bobby Goldman after the show, and you may even get a chance to speak with her in the lobby before the show. She is definitely a very interesting and unconventional woman and the show about her is the same.

The Real Bobby Goldman
And that's our view. ..

Photo credits: All Curvy Widow photos by Matthew Murphy

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