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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Patriot Tours: Hamilton and Burr Walking Tour

We were given a free Patriot Tours: Hamilton and Burr Walking Tour for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.
What: Patriot Walking Tours: Hamilton and Burr Walking Tour

Where: Starts at Broadway and Park Place, Lower Manhattan, New York

Who: Teens and Up

Me - Patriot Tours: Hamilton and Burr Walking Tour was fun. Reading about history can be boring, but I like learning about history through museums and walking tours. I learned a lot on the Hamilton and Burr Waking Tour. Before, the tour I did not know that much about Alexander Hamilton or Aaron Burr. I have not seen the show Hamilton yet either although I would like to. Some of the places we visited on the tour were St. Paul's Chapel and Trinity Church. We didn't go inside Trinity Church, but we did get to see Hamilton and his wife, Eliza's graves which were outside of it. There were a lot flowers next to Hamilton's grave. There were also a lot of flags because we were there on Veterans Day. We also learned a lot  of interesting facts on the tour. For instance, we learned what exactly caused the duel between Hamilton and Burr.  All in all, it was a very fun tour to go on, and I learned a lot of stuff. I would really recommend you go especially if you like Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr or American history in general.

Mom - Patriot Tours: Hamilton and Burr Walking Tour is very interesting and informative. If you really want to know the true history of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, I would strongly recommend this tour. I would not recommend the tour for very young children, however because some of the information shared on the tour involves adult subject matter, such as, talk of infidelity. It is probably fine for teenagers though especially those that have a particularly interest in American History or want to know more about Alexander Hamilton and/or Aaron Burr.  Karen Quinones, the owner of Patriot Tours is a very friendly guide and a knowledgeable historian. She has even appeared on episodes of Travel Channel's Mysteries at the Museum. Although many of the locations visited on the tour are completely different now than they were in Hamilton and Burr's time, Ms. Quiniones has lots of pictures and documents that help to get a better understanding of what she is talking about and help truly make the history come alive. There are also other Patriot Tours available. We will be talking about one or more of them in a future post. For information go to http://patriottoursnyc.com/.

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