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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Theater Thursday - Dear Evan Hansen and The Bodyguard

What: Dear Evan Hansen

Where: Music Box Theatre
            239 W. 45th St.
            New York, NY

Who: Teens and Up

Mom's view: You are definitely going to want to see this show before it becomes so popular that you are not going to be able to get tickets for it. This is  a show that is probably going to be nominated for and most likely win a lot of awards.The story deals with such topical subjects as social isolation, social media and how quickly a lie can spread on-line.  The acting is excellent from Ben Platt  as the socially awkward title character right on through the cast. The songs are meaningful. Even the set rather than just being a place for the action to take place, is very much a part of the story.  From the moment, you enter the theater and hear the constant beep of social media and see the endless scrolling of tweets that is part of the set, you are completely immersed in the show. This is not a show for very young children who would not understand it. It should be required viewing for teenagers, however, who probably don't even comprehend how extremely social media is a part of their lives and the effects it can truly have on their lives and the live of those around them.For more information about Dear Evan Hansen go to http://dearevanhansen.com/.


What: The Bodyguard

Where: Papermill Playhouse
             22 Brookside Drive
             Milburn, NJ

Who: Teens and above

When: Now through January 1, 2017

Mom's view: The Bodyguard is based on the Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner film of the same name about a bodyguard assigned to protect a singer who is being stalked. The show is not exactly the same as the movie. It is very similar but some key facts have been changed. All the familiar songs from the movie are in the show as well as some additional Whitney Houston songs. Although it is a tough job following a singing icon like Whitney Houston in a role, Jasmin Richardson did a great job and was very impressive in the role of Rachel Marron. Ms. Richardson not only followed Whitney Houston in the role but she was actually understudying for singer, Deborah Cox, the star of the current production. However, the show did not miss anything with Ms. Richardson in the role. In fact, her voice even sounds a lot like Whitney. The rest of the cast was equally good. The show was very entertaining and whether you like the movie, you like Whitney Houston songs and/or you like a good thriller with a touch of romance, you should enjoy this show. This is not a show for young children, however, as there are quite a few parts of the show when they might be scared, such as, when gunshots are heard or when a person is attacked with a knife. However, it is fine for teens who probably have seen a lot worse in the movie theater. If you are interested in seeing this show don't hesitate, it will only be running through January 1.

And that's Mom's view. Tune in tomorrow for Funtivity Friday.

Photo credits: All Dear Evan Hansen photos by Matthew Murphy
                          The Bodyguard top photo by Jerry Dalia. All other The Bodyguard photos by Matthew Murphy

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