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Friday, December 30, 2016

Funtivity Friday - Making a Monthly Calendar

A fun monthly project kids and parents can work on together is to create a monthly calender. Even if you do not have a dry erase calendar board like we do, this is still a project that is easy to do.

What you will need

A dry erase calendar board or a large piece of white paper. (The paper doesn't have to be a particular size but it does have to be large enough to draw 30 to 31 squares on that you can write information in.)


Thumbtack (optional)

What to Do
1) If you have a dry erase calendar it will already be divided and you will just have to put in the numbers for each day of the month.  If not, you will need to make up a grid of boxes on the paper. Leave an inch or two of space at the top of the page above the grid. Then, draw a grid that is 7 boxes across and 5 boxes down and each box should be larger enough to write reminders of daily activities in. 

2) In the space above the grid write the month. 

2) Below the month across the tops of each of the columns, write the days of the week.

3) In the first row of the calendar, find the day of the week on which the month starts and right a 1 in the corner of that box.

4) Write the date for the rest of the days of the month in the following boxes.

5) Choose a marker color to represent each member of your family.  

6) Write any appointments or information that pertains to each family member on the calender on the appropriate date in the color you've chosen for them.

7) Choose a color to represent events and activities that involve your whole family.

8) Write all the events or activities that involve your whole family on the calendar in the color you've chosen.

9) Choose a color to represent general things like Holidays, recycling days or whatever. If you want and you have enough different colored markers left you can choose different colors for some of these things.

10) Enter the remaining information you need in your monthly calendar in the colors you've chosen.

11) Hang your calendar up. If it is a dry erase calendar, they usually come with hooks, and if not, you can use a thumbtack or any other way you choose.

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