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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Foods of NY Tours: Original Greenwich Village Tour

We were given a free Foods of NY Tour: Original Greenwich Village Tour for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

What: Foods of NY Tour: Original Greenwich Village Tour

Where: Locations Vary (See schedule at http://www.foodsofny.com)

Who: Teens and Up

Me - Our Foods of  NY: Original Greenwich Village tour was so much fun. The tour guide was really nice. Everybody even got a water bottle . One of my favorite foods they had were the meatballs. They were from a  restaurant called Pesce Pasta. They were homemade, and they were absolutely delish. I also really liked the cookies. We had chocolate chip cookies .They were from a place called Milk and Cookies. They were really creamy and chocolately. They were incredibly delicious! I liked most of the  the other foods too although I didn't really like the cheese, and the eggplant was just okay. I don't really like eggplant that much though anyway. I really enjoyed the pizza too. It was from a place called Joe's Pizza. Another thing I especially liked was the rice balls. It was a little bread ball with rice and cheese inside. Over, all it was a really fun tour to go on, and I would really recommend it. 
Mom - One of the things New York City is known for is the availability of a wide variety of great tasting foods of all types. If you want the opportunity to learn where to get some of those delicious foods and even a chance to taste some of them, you will definitely want to take part in a Foods of NY Tour. There are several different tours available. The one we participated in was the Greenwich Village Food Tour. Some of the flavorful foods we were able to sample on this tour included thin crust pizza, rice balls, chocolate chip cookies and cannolis. All of it was completely delicious.  If all we got to do on our tour was sample all the tasty foods that would be enough. However, there is more to  a Foods of NY Tours than that. Despite the name, it's much more than just a  food tour. It's also a cultural walking tour. As you walk around your knowledgeable guide will tell you all kinds of interesting and historical information about the neighborhood and the restaurants you visit. All in all, it's just a completely delicious and super fascinating tour. Come hungry and come well rested because you'll get to do a lot of walking and a lot of eating. Although Foods of NY  tours are recommended for adults, older children who have a good attention span and don't mind doing a lot of walking and a lot of listening might enjoy it as well. The tour is not recommended for anyone who has trouble walking and/or standing for long periods of time as only a couple of the taste tastings are seated, and the rest of the time you will be on your feet. For more information or to book a tour go to  http://www.foodsofny.com.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.

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