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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Saturday Special - An Interview with America's Got Talent Semi-Finalists Kadan Bart Rockett and Brooklyn

Kadan Bart Rockett and his sister Brooklyn are probably best known as semi-finalists on season 11 of America's Got Talent. The talented young duo are known for their magic. However, they also pursue acting, ventriloquism, music and dance. They will be appearing at iPlay America in Freehold, NJ on December 29, and following that up by headlining their own New Year's Eve Special, Rocketting in the New Year.

When did you start doing magic?

Kadan:  I started watching my dad from the wings of the stage when I was just a baby.  I probably did my first trick around 3 years old.

Brooklyn:  Our mom & dad brought us on stage with my brother was only 1 day old and I was 2 days old. They introduced us to their audience and even though we don't remember it, we have seen the videos and pictures.  My Brother started before me and I decided that I wanted to help him just like my Mom helped my Dad.  I think his act is better with me in it because we work good together.  Kind of like Peanut Butter & Jelly.  lol

When did you start acting?

Kadan:  I was 3 when I started and I believe my sister did when she was 3 as well.

Brooklyn:  Yeah,  we both started doing commercials at that age.

Kadan:  When I was 5, I starred in my first big feature film.  I have done several since then and am working on a new one that will be out in 2018 that I will star in as well.

Brooklyn:  We were first on TV together when I was 4 and my brother was 4.  We were on LIVE TV when I played a comedy role of "Mini Sharon-Osbourne" & Kadan was "Mini Howie Mandel" on NBC's “America's Got Talent.”

Kadan:  Yeah, a lot of people don't realize this was not our first season to appear on that show.  We were on 2 episodes of the LIVE shows in Season 6.  We had fun with Nick Cannon then and I loved when Howie Mandel finally realized who we were this season!  It was funny to see the surprise on his face.

How did you get started doing magic.

Kadan:  My mom & dad had a 1,000 seat theater in Branson, Missouri that they performed big stage shows at.  My mom was one of the dancers in the show and his lead assistant in all the magic and illusions.  My sister and I spent a lot of time backstage at the show during the first few years of our lives.  We couldn't help but learn magic!  lol

Brooklyn:  I wanted to be a dancer like my mom and still do really enjoy it but it's been fun to get into acting and being a part of my brother's act.

Out of all the things you do which is your favorite?

Brooklyn:  I really like the live shows.  They are so fun.  We are getting to travel around and play different places like next week we play Freehold, New Jersey at iPlay America and do a big show there.  Then we are playing a theater in Rochester, NY the next week, then we head for Simi Valley, CA to another theater after that.  We get to meet the audiences afterwards and it's just a lot of fun.

Kadan:  I just like it all!   I  really enjoy the creative part.  I love working on something new and then seeing the reaction it gets whether it's on TV or in a live show.  It's fun meeting the audiences that come out to our appearance too.

Brooklyn:  The travel is fun too.  We just got back from doing TV appearances in Italy, Estonia and England.  We are booked to go to South America to do a national TV show there in January, then to China for their New Year’s Eve Special in February, then we go to Germany for another TV appearance.  I was looking and there is a 14 day period in February where we will completely circle the Earth in 14 days!!!!  Who gets to do that!?!?!?

What is your favorite trick? 

Kadan:  I don't have a favorite.  Whichever one I am working on at the moment would be my favorite.  It's always changing.

Brooklyn:  I like the ones that I have a big part in.  The one we did on Harry Connick Jr’s New TV show where I got to appear in an exploding box and then go into the audience and do a whole comedy bit was one I really liked.  It was fun meeting Mr. Harry too and learning that he was actually a fan of ours!

What is your favorite acting role?

Kadan:  I like playing parts that challenge me.  The kid I played in DARK SKIES with Keri Russell is nothing like me in real life.  I've played a mentally ill child and am working on a movie now where I am playing a blind child.  It's cool to watch yourself and it doesn't even seem like you.

Brooklyn:  We want to do a movie together!  Hopefully that can happen in the near future.  

What trick would you love to master?

Kadan:  I would love to do some more sleight of hand and pieces where I have to talk a lot and interact with the audience more.  My dad is really good at connecting with his audience when he's on stage and I want to get better at that.  Heidi Klum said I had amazing stage presence on NBC but I look back at it and I seemed nervous.  I know I can do better than I did.

Brooklyn:  I will leave mastering the tricks to him.  I like to work on adding comedy to my brother's magic.  I really like it when I say something that wasn't planned and it throws him for a second.  You can totally see it in his face and sometimes it gets the biggest laughs from our audiences.

What role would you love to play?

Kadan:  I want to play a kid like me that does magic, but uses his magic to do good, change people’s lives and help other people.  That would be so fun.

Brooklyn:  And I could be the sister who comes in and adds the fun!  No, seriously, I would love to act in a  movie or TV show where we can act in it together as brother & sister.  That's one of my dreams.

What magicians are your role models?

Kadan:   Besides our dad, David Copperfield.  I have seen him in person and he puts on a great show.  Chris Angel & Penn & Teller or some others I like watching.   I got to meet Matt Franco, a former winner of AGT this year.  It was cool getting to know him a bit.

Brooklyn:  What he said.  lol  Except for the part about seeing David Copperfield in person and meeting Matt Franco,  I wasn't there!!!  I missed all of that.  I still like them though.

What actors are your role models?

Kadan:  I don't really have any that I would call role models.  I really really really like Keri Russell because not only is she a good actress but she is a really nice, down to Earth person and I want to be like that too.  In that way, she would be a role model for me.

Brooklyn:  I'm a fan of a lot of them but I wouldn't say any that are actually our role models.  There are a lot that inspire us in different ways.

What do you in your spare time?

Kadan:  I love reading and creating new things.  It's not always magic either.  Sometimes it's just making something cool looking out of things.  Give me a pile of what you might call "junk" and I'll make something cool out of it!  lol  I also like playing video games when I'm traveling.  That and reading gives me something to do on long flights.

Brooklyn:  I love to dance.  It is so much fun.  I spend a lot of time talking with my friends and like playing video games some.  My Brother and I will sometimes will do silly videos. We have fun directing them and putting them together.  We don't really play with toys though like some kids.  We can't really, because Kadan will take anything you give him like toys and end up making something else out of it anyway.

What is the best thing about travelling so much?

Brooklyn:  Just getting to see the world is great.  When I look at a map or a globe now, I don't wonder what is there when I have actually been there and seen it.  We were studying about the Statue of Liberty one day in school and then about the White House another day.  I was thinking, I've been inside both!  My dad says that traveling really brings things like that alive for my Brother & I.

Kadan:  I love to fly.  One of my hobbies is learning to fly and have done some time in full motion flight training simulators where pilots train.  I can't reach the rudder pedals yet but with help from someone working those, I have been able to successfully take off and land a 737 jet.  I just got to fly aboard a new 787 Dreamliner for the first time from Oslo, Norway to Las Vegas, Nevada the week before last.  That was pretty awesome.

What is the worst thing about travelling so much:

Kadan:  Flight delays can be frustrating but we just kind of go with the flow.   We try to have fun and make the most of whatever and where ever we are and even in the delays we have met some really nice people so we just make the best of it.

Brooklyn:  I think being away from friends or family is the worst part about traveling a lot.  My Brother just got his own iPhone and we sometimes go to Facetime or text our friends and forget what time zone they are in.  We are always having to count back or forward to make sure we aren't calling them in the middle of the night.

What is the best thing about working with your sibling?

Brooklyn:  Him getting to spend time with me!

Kadan:  She alright most of the time.  I think working together has allowed us to become closer.  It's almost as if we can reach each other’s minds sometimes.

Brooklyn:  Yeah, we know what each other is thinking and are able to sometimes just work together on something without even talking about it.  It's crazy how that just happens but it’s like our minds are connected.

Kadan:  What we do has allowed us to spend more time together as a family.  We get to do all of these adventures together which is really cool.

What is the worst thing about working with your sibling?

Kadan:  Getting on each other’s nerves at times.  I just need my space when I'm thinking sometimes and she's right there taking over at times.

Brooklyn:  Yeah he says I can be bossy at times but I think he can be pretty bossy too.

Kadan:  She embarrasses me sometimes in front of a cute girl.

Brooklyn:  Oh yeah, like Skylar!  (Skylar Katz - 11 year old rapper from AGT)

What advice would you give to people who want to do what you do?

Kadan: Read & practice a lot.  Dream big and don't be afraid to limit yourself.   Just because you are a kid doesn't mean you can't do some amazing things.

Brooklyn:  What he said.  That and be sure to have fun!

We thank Kadan and Brooklyn for taking time to answer our questions. For more information about Kadan and Brooklyn's upcoming appearance at iPlay American go to http://www.iplayamerica.com/special-event/kadan-bart-rockett-and-brooklyn.

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