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Friday, December 23, 2016

Funtivity Friday- Art Projects: Santa Hat and Elf Hat

Here is a Santa Hat and Elf Hat you can make out of paper.

Santa Hat 

What You Will Need

White tissue
Red and white glitter
Glue stick

What To Do

1) Draw a Santa hat on piece of paper

2) Color it in red

3) Roll up a small wad of white tissue paper for a pom pom

4) Glue the pom pom to the top of the hat

5) Put glue all over the hat beneath the pom pom except for about 1 inch at the bottom

6) Sprinkle red glitter all over the glued area.

7) Put a little glue on the top of the pom pom.

8) Sprinkle a little white and/or red glitter on it.

9) Glue a band of white tissue paper to the inch you left at the bottom of the hat.

10) Put a little glue on top of the tissue paper.

11) Sprinkle a little white and/or red glitter on it.

Elf Hat

What You'll Need

A piece of colored paper
Tissue paper
A cotton ball

What to Do

1) Cut a large triangle out of the colored paper.

2) Glue cotton ball to the top corner.

3) Glue tissue paper to the bottom.


Tune in tomorrow for a Saturday Special.

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