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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Hole-in-One Golf Center

What: Hole-in-One Golf Center

Where: 530 Route 33 West
            Millstone, NJ

Who: All ages

Our view: Miniature golf used to be mostly about getting the ball around and through cute little buildings and bridges and things. Some miniature golf courses were particularly pretty. There was one in particular in Florida with a carousel and castles and things. Nowadays, times have changed. There may still be miniature golf courses like that but they are not all that way. Hole-in-One Golf Course has no cute little buildings at all. It is literally like a small golf course. Instead of cute little buildings, there are waterfalls, streams, and ponds. For these reasons, I would recommend it more for older children and/or children who are particularly interested in golf. The course is open all year round from 10:00 to dusk. There are no lights so it is not open after dark. There is also a 9-hole par 3 executive golf course at the same location. However, for that no equipment is not provided and there is a minimum age of 5. For more information go to hole-in-onegolfcenter.com.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for another Talking Topic.