I started this blog with one daughter, kept it up with the other, to spend time together doing something we enjoyed.
However, things change and people evolve. My daughters are older, busier, and not as interested in writing.
From now on this blog will be mostly mom with occasional contributions from my daughters and maybe even my husband.
Nothing else will change. We'll still focus on sharing fun places to go, fun things to do, and more, and we would  still love to hear your views too

Monday, July 15, 2013

Despicable Me 2

Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen Despicable Me 2 and you intend to, do not read any further.

Me -Despicable Me 2, wow! It was so hilarious! It was one of my favorite movies. Totally awesome! I loved Despicable Me 2. I love them both equally. My favorite character is Agnes. She is so cute and funny. I like the way Gru turned good in the first movie, and now he is such a loving father. I like the ending of the movie. I love when Gru and Lucy got married. It made them all even more of a family. I like the girls too except Edith's character is not developed as much as the other two. I like that Gru is right all of the time about El Macho even though at first it is because he is mad that El Nacho's son likes Margo. I like how he ends up using the taser lipstick that Lucy gave him. Despicable Me 2 was a really good movie.

Mom - Originally we had no intention of seeing Despicable Me. We decided to see it because we saw the preview, and we liked the three girls especially the youngest, Agnes, who reminded us a little of an older Boo from Monsters Inc. When we saw the original movie, we almost didn't make it through the whole movie because in the middle of the movie both my girls got upset by something that happened in the movie and wanted to leave. We convinced them to stay and when things ended up working out happily in the end, they decided they loved the movie. We couldn't wait to see Despicable Me 2. We were not disappointed. I really like the way Gru and the girls really gel as a family in this movie. The character of Lucy fits right in and gives the girls the only thing that Gru could not give them by himself  - a mother. Agnes is as cute as ever. Margo is really growing up. Only Edith is not a full developed character. All that we know about her is that she a bit of tomboy, she doesn't like kissing, and she never takes off her hat. I love the minions. They are so cute and funny. All in all, there is a lot to like about this movie.

And that's our view. What movie would you love to see a sequel to?

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