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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Finn and Rachel/Cory and Lea

Me - Finn and Rachel/Cory and Lea, devastating! I am so depressed that Cory Monteith died. I found out from my Mom, who pretty much tells me everything. I was so devastated. I couldn't believe it. That was like the last thing I ever could have thought would happen. Cory and Lea Michele were so cute together. I feel terrible for her. Glee will never be the same without Finn and Rachel. They were even voted one of the top couples in TV history according to TV Guide. We knew that without TV Guide telling us that. My Mom and I thought they were the cutest couple in the history of TV. I hope that Ryan Murpy handles Cory's death by killing off his character of Finn and having all the Glee club mourn his passing. I also hope that they mention that prior to his death he and Rachel had somehow gotten back together. I don't care how he dies as long as there is no more Finn. I don't want them to deal with it by saying something like he moved away. I think that if they handle it properly ratings for the first new episode of Glee will skyrocket. After that, they will plummet because nobody is going to like the show anymore. So many people were leaving. Too many new people that Ryan Murphy was trying to replace the old people with came. There can't be a Glee without Finn and especially without Finn and Rachel. It was great when Finn and Rachel weren't together but you knew they were in love because they were always looking at each other lovingly. It was perfect when they were actually together. Then Rachel went off to NYADA and lived in New York. They couldn't look at each other, but you knew that they still loved each other especially when Santana found out Brody was a gigolo and Finn beat him up and said "Stay away from my future wife!" That was my favorite part of the whole season. Now, that he is gone none of that can happen. They can't look at each other. They can't mention the fact that they love each other. They can't get back together. Glee will never be the same. Everyone seems so sad about Cory Monteith's passing. Everyone has commented about how sorry they are that he has died. My Mom and I wonder why Ryan Murphy hasn't said anything yet. We are curious to see what he thinks and what he will say and do. I realize that Corey's death puts him in a bind because they were almost ready to start shooting for the season, and now they have to do a bunch of rewrites. However, he could have at least taken  a few minutes to say he wa saddened by Corey's passing or something. Every time, I think about Corey Monteith, I am either going to feel like crying or cry. Whenever I watch old episodes of Glee, it makes me sad especially when I see Finn and Rachel together, or looking at each other, or thinking about each other, or talking about each other. Whenever I listen to the music, I want to cry too especially Don't Stop Believing  or Without You. Don't Stop Believing for me, represents the whole show. It was the first  real full song they ever sang on the show as a group. It was the first song they sang in both concerts. Also, they sang it in Journey to Regionals, the last episode of the first season and also the best episode ever. Just hearing the lyrics makes me want to cry. Without You if you really listen to the words like "I am lost. I am vain. I will never be the same without you.", describes Finn and Rachel and Cory and Lea's relationship especially now that he is gone. One of the hardest things to deal with is that, now, I cannot even watch my favorite show without being sad and wanting to cry. The one good thing that came out of this is that I learned a life lesson. I learned that you are never too young to die, and you should live life while you can and always take risks. Never be too afraid to try anything no matter how scary it my seem because you won't have forever. Even though I know, me and my Mom are really sad, I can't even imagine how sad Lea Michele must feel. They really did seem to be in love. Me and My Mom thought that Lea Michele had been pregnant in real life. It is sort of good and sort of bad that she wasn't. If she was, she would have a piece of Cory with her forever. However, then she would have to raise the baby without him by her side and maybe that would make her sadder. I hope that by the end of Glee, Rachel isn't with a new person because it wouldn't be the same. In real life, I do hope that Lea finds love and is happy again, but for me it will never be the same as when she was with Cory Monteith. Cory Monteith may not be alive anymore but he will live on forever in the hearts of me, my Mom, the cast and crew of Glee and all the other fans of Glee.

Mom - Glee used to be my favorite show. To me, Finn and Rachel and the relationship between them was always the heart of Glee. Even when the characters were not together on the show, I just loved the way they always looked at each other. It seemed so real and maybe it was because as we all know later Cory Monteith and Lea Michele, the actors who played Finn and Rachel, fell in love in real life and dated. It was bad enough last year that a lot of the original Glee kids were graduated and were hardly on the show anymore. However, when Finn and Rachel broke up and weren't even in the same place for most of the season and couldn't even give each other those longing looks, the show just wasn't the same for me, and I stopped watching it for most of the season. Late in the season, it looked like Finn and Rachel might be heading for a an eventual reunion so I started watching it again. Even though the season ended and Finn and Rachel still weren't back together, things seemed so hopeful. Now, with the death of Cory Monteith that can never happen. I feel really bad about that and about the fact that no matter how long Glee continues after this, for me, it can never be the same. I feel sad that Cory is gone. I feel bad for anyone who was a part of his life in any way: his family, his friend, his fellow cast mates and the crew of Glee even the fans. Even though Cory admitted that he had drug problems in the past and had recently served a stint in rehab, you never heard anybody say anything bad about him. I feel the worst for Lea Michele. She and Cory were just so cute together. My girls and I were so excited when they got together in real life. It was comforting when they were together in real life even when they weren't together on the show. We were hoping that in real life at least, if not on the show, they would get married and have babies together. Of course, now that we will never happen in real life or on the show. Still when I picture Rachel without Finn or Lea without Cory, it makes me feel really really sad.

And that's our view. Which celebrity's passing affected you the most and why?

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