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Monday, June 3, 2013

Buying Books

Me - Buying books, wow! I love to buy books. I like Kindle books and books off the Kindle. However, I like books that are not on the Kindle a  little better. However, if you are my Grandma then thanks for the Kindle, and I am just joking. I love Barnes and Noble and Amazon. They have tons of great books. I wish Amazon had more free Kindle books for my age though. I used to like Borders too. I am sorry they went out of business. I also get books from scholastic books and book fairs at school. I miss when there were more book stores. There are just not enough anymore. Our mall doesn't even have one. I miss it. In fact, there seem to be hardly any book stores at all although they do sell books at stores like Target. I like getting books from the library, but I love owning books. That's why I like buying books.

Mom - Even though I have a Kindle Fire and I read books on it. I still like physical books too. I have had not had to buy as many books as I used to though. I get my Kindle books from Amazon, and I hardly ever pay for them. They are always having different books that are free. I get books for my younger daughter that way too. Melia also has a Kindle, but she is not able to get books for free as easily because most of the free books we can usually find for her age except for some of the classic books do not interest her. As for physical books, sometimes, my Mom gives me or lends me books although not as much as she used to because she has a Kindle also. I get a lot of books from the on-line book club Paperbackswap which is an exchange book club for more about that see our Tips for Tuesday post dated August 7, 2012. I also win a lot of books from blogs and blog hops. I still like to buy books from bookstores. However, I don't do it as much. For one thing, between free books for Kindle,Paperbackswap, and books that I win, I cannot justify spending a lot of money on books. Also, there are not so many book stores around anymore especially now that Borders is out of business. From the time, I was little until just recently, there was always at least one bookstore if not more in the mall. Now, our mall does not have a book store at all. I miss it because even when I did not want to buy a book, it was always fun to browse. We still have Barnes and Noble, but it is not in the mall. It is by itself. I like to go there, and we get discounts there because we have a membership and we buy books for our kids there, However, I cannot justify buying things for myself unless they are on sale or clearance or if  I have a coupon for an additional discount or a gift card. The problem is I can almost alway find books that I like that are on sale or clearance. Also, every once in a while I splurge and get a book when it is not on sale or clearance and I do not have a coupon or gift card. Like last year when I got the book Defending Jacob. I only splurge on a book when it is something I really really want, but I still feel guilty about it.

And that's our view. Where do you like to get books?

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