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Thursday, June 20, 2013


Me - Xanadu, wow! When I was younger, I saw Xanadu with my Mom. She took me on the bus to New York because my Mom does not like to drive to New York. She also does not like to park in New York. My Mom and Dad had already seen the show. We listened to the music all the time, and I loved it. It is one of those shows that seems as much fun to be in as it is to watch. All the songs are really catchy. When I was little I especially liked the song Xanadu. When we went to see the show, this lady sitting near us watched me mouthing the words to every song. She couldn't get over that I knew all the songs even though I was just a kid. I loved to go around imitating Kyra's Australian accent. My Dad thought I did it so well. Usually, I am not good at accents. At the show, my Mom got me a light-up roller skate. It eventually broke and stopped lighting up. She got my sister a Dora pocketbook at the bus station to make up for the fact that my sister didn't get to go to the show. My sister was obssessed with Dora at the time. She has only recently given up Dora for other things. I really love going to see Broadway shows especially with my Mom.

Mom - When the movie Xanadu was originally out, I loved the music but hated the movie. When Xanadu the show came out and I read I review of it that said that it was a good show out of terrible movie with great songs, I knew I had to see the show. I was not disappointed. It was one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. Even though I already  had the soundtrack from the movie and most of the songs were the same, I still had to go out and get the soundtrack from the show too. I like them both so much I even have both versions of most of the songs on my mp3. I originally saw the show with my husband. He enjoyed it as well. I later went back with Melia. She loved it too. After we saw the show we got the original movie on DVD. My husband wanted to see it because he had never seen it before. I liked it much better than when I originally saw it, but I still liked the show better. Olivia Newton John looked really pretty the movie. I have always liked her anyway especially in the movie Grease. Xanadu is such a fun show, it would seem to be a show that would do really well in community theater except for one thing. The main character of Kyra spends most of the show on rollerskates, and there is a big rollerskating finale too. I am sure this aspect is what scares off most community theaters and keeps them from doing the show. This is unfortunate because it is a really great show.

And that's our view. What not so great movie do you think would make a good show?

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