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Monday, June 24, 2013

Wedding Dresses

Me - Wedding dresses, wow! Although I have never been married myself, we watch a lot of wedding shows so I have gotten to see a lot of wedding dresses. I like wedding dresses. They are mostly very pretty. I don't like wedding dresses with trains. I don't like wedding dresses with a lot of ruffles. I don't like dresses that have too much of anything. I don't like really plain wedding dresses either. They look like nightgowns or dresses that can be worn for anything. I don't like different colored wedding dresses.  My favorite kind is the kind of dress that can be worn on or off the shoulder. I don't like one shoulder dresses. Sometimes, I like strapless. Sometimes, I don't. It depends on the dress. It seems like on wedding shows they always wear strapless dresses. I like looking at other people's wedding dresses and rating them. I usually like wedding veils, but I don't like really short ones that don't even go past your head. I like long flowy pretty ones. I don't like when a person gets married and does not wear a veil at all. My favorite wedding dress is my Mom's wedding dress and that is what I am wearing for my wedding. I am hoping to make it a tradition by passing it on to my own daughter some day for her to wear and then give to her daughter.

Mom - Lately,  my girls and I have been watching a lot of wedding shows and seeing a lot of wedding dresses. Some of them are really beautiful. Some not so much. These days most wedding dresses seem to be strapless. I am not really a fan of strapless wedding dresses nor am I really a fan of strapless dresses in general. I do not like long sleeved wedding dresses either. I prefer dresses that have a little bit of sleeve or are off the shoulder. My own wedding dress was off the shoulder. I like a little bit of bling or pearls or lace or whatever, but too much makes the dress look too busy. I especially don't like a dress that has so much lace on the bottom that it ends up reminding me of tablecloth. I don't like dresses that are really poufy or feathery or that have lots and lots of layers.I also do not like dresses that are too plain and look like they could be worn for any special occasion.  I am not a fan of trains and did not have one on my own wedding dress. I like a long veil but not too long and definitely not one of those tiny ones. Of course, there is a difference between wedding dresses that look pretty and ones that I would actually wear myself. I have seen many dresses that look beautiful on another bride, but I wouldn't wear myself. The most important thing is that the bride picks the dress is that she feels is the right dress for her. After all, it is her day to shine and the right wedding dress is a big part of that. It is such a great feeling when a bride finds exactly the right wedding dress for herself. I know it was for me. The minute I saw my dress I knew it was the one, and I was right.

And that's our view. What kind of wedding dress do you prefer?