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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dancing With the Stars Season 16

Me- Dancing With the Stars season 16, eh, wow! Why does whoever I want to win Dancing With the Stars lose? Next time, I am going to root for who I don't want to win so who I do want to win wins. Only two seasons in all the seasons I have watched has the person I wanted to win won. The first was Kristi Yamaguchi  and the second was Jennifer Grey. I wanted Evan Lysacek to win. He lost to Nicole Sherzinger. I wanted Roshon Fagen to win. He lost to Donald Driver. . Those are just a few examples. This season,  I really wanted Zendaya to win. I also liked Aly Raisman, and I wouldn't mind as much if she won. I liked Jacoby and Karina too, but I knew they weren't going to win. I really didn't like Kelly. I didn't like her because she was good and too much competition for Zendaya. It was a really good season though. There was a lot of really good dancing. Now that Zendaya lost,  I am never going to watch Dancing With the Stars again - until next season.

Mom - I really liked this past season of Dancing With the Stars. There were so many dancers who were so good. I liked Kelly and Derek the eventual winners. I liked Zendaya and Val. I liked Aly and Mark. I liked Jacoby and Karina. Football players always seem to do so well on the show. I never expect them to be as light on their feet as they usually turn out to be. Of course, athletes in general tend to do well on the show. They have had champions that were gymnasts, skaters and even a race car driver as well as at least three football players. I didn't think Jacoby and Karina were good enough to win though. I thought the other three were though and I was happy with the outcome of the season. The only season that I have watched that I can say I was totally surprised by the final results was when Donald Driver won. I mean he was not a bad dancer, but he just did not seem to be a front runner even at the tail end of the season. Often, it seems that who is crowned champions comes down to who has the better freestyle dance, and that particular season more so than any other season. It was really good to see Kristi Yamaguchi dancing again at this year's finals. She was unanimously the favorite champion ever at our house. Anyway, I can't wait to see who turns up on dancing with the stars next.

And that's our view.  Who is your favorite champion of Dancing With the Stars?

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