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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Where-To-Go Wednesday - The Land of Make Believe & Pirates Cove

What:  The Land of Make Believe and Pirates Cove

Where: 354 Great Meadows Road
            Hope, NJ

Who: All Ages

Our view: Like many places these days, the Land of Make Believe and Pirates Cove  is an amusement park attached to a water park. While in some places, admittance to each park requires a separate admission, here it does not. The amusement park, the Land of Make Believe is kind of small, and it is mostly geared toward children ages 3 to 11. There are basically two kinds of rides. There are rides for young children and there are rides for young children accompanied by adults. There are not really any rides geared for older children and/or adults. For instance, there is a roller coaster, but it is very small and older children and adults who are used to much more thrilling roller coasters would probably not find it very exciting. Pirates Cove, the water park, on the other hand, is the opposite. While there is a wading pool area with small slides, it is much more geared to adults and on many of the rides children under specific, heights depending on the requirements of the specific ride, must be accompanied by an adult. However, even without being accompanied by a young child, older children and adults will still find these water rides exciting. There is even one water ride, the Black Hole which is restricted to ages 8 and up.  Unique aspects of the Land of Make Believe include an old fashioned hayride, Old McDonald's farm which includes live farm animals, and a world war II airplane cockpit. The park is open on weekends from Memorial Day to the third week in June. It is open daily from June 22 through Labor Day. It is also open the weekend after Labor Day. Operating hours are always 10 to 6. Tickets are $24.00 for adults, $26.00 for 2-18, $22.00 for seniors, and free for under 2. For more information go to lomb.com.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for another Talking Topic.