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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Somerset Patriots

Me -Somerset Patriots, wow! It is fun to go to a Somerset Patriots game. Baseball is cool. Once when we went to the Patriots, we got to sit in these special seats. We got free food. We got our faces on the big screen, and we got to meet the mascots. We found a game used ball under our seats. I gave that to my sister, since one of the players had given me a ball when they were warming up. The Patriots unlike other teams usually win when we see them. We went to see them last weekend, and they won. We also had free food at that game. My Mom and I had burgers. They were disgusting. The rest of the food was good though. We got free hats. Another time, we also got free hats. There were fireworks after the game this time. They were awesome! I videotaped them on my I-pod. Aurellla was afraid of the fireworks. She likes them on my I-pod. They are not as loud. She doesn't like loud noises. Also, at that game a foul ball came right at us. It almost hit Aurella. It knocked her fruit punch all over shirt. She was sad because she loved that shirt. Luckily, Mom was able to get the stain out. If you have a chance you should go to a Patriots game. It is a lot of fun.

Mom - I have to love the Somerset Patriots of the Atlantic Independent baseball league. We have been to about ten or so of there games, and we only had to pay for tickets once or twice. The first game we went  to there was supposed to be fireworks. It was too windy so we all got a voucher for a future game. The second game we went to we won free tickets spinning the wheel. Several times, we got tickets through their summer reading program. Their summer reading program is a program through which any child that reads 10 books over the summer and fills out their summer reading form is entitled to two free tickets to one of a select number of games that season. We have always had good luck at the Patriots. We have been priviledged to see them win at many of the games we have been to. We have also been lucky enough to win special seat upgrades at one game where we got to sit on lounge chairs on the grass in front of the stands. That time we also got our faces on the scoreboard and got to meet the mascots. We have also won t-shirts from a radio station contest prior to entering the ballpark. The Patriots themselves have won five league championships in 15 years as well as 8 division titles. I hope the Patriots continue their winning ways under new manager, former Major Leaguer, Brett Jodie, and I hope we continue our good luck when it comes to the Patriots.

And that's our view. Where have always had good luck?

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